Your One-stop Shop For Summer Season

Your One-stop Shop For Summer Season - Negative Apparel

Summer is in full swing and it’s all about weddings, travelling, and social gatherings. This means there are going to be plenty of occasions for you to get dressed up. A dress that can take you from breakfast to the beach is a winner for sure, but of course with the right kind of women accessories and pair of shoes.  

This year’s summer look is all about the perfect balance of classic style with fun and quirky looks. All we can think of now is a lightweight fabric, relaxed silhouettes, soft tones, a mesh hat, pleated skirts, and a straw hat. What could be a better place to shop than Negative Apparel?  

Why choose us?

It's an online clothing shop that brings the latest kind of dresses, party wear, loungewear, accessories and all kinds of latest fashion dresses. Women who love to adore western clothing from high-end brands can now get their hands on dresses brought exclusively from Dubai. This online store has got plenty of formal, casual, and party wear options that are fit for all kinds of occasions. 

No more heavy custom or any hidden charges to be paid. All you've got to do is, put your favourite dresses in the cart and they'll be delivered to you in 18 to 20 working days. 

So what’s stopping you? Try out these fun and quirky dresses from Negative Apparel’s new fashion clothes. Making classy and latest designer dresses easily accessible for you to look like a diva.  

Daytime sparkles

Nothing shouts “I’m lively” more than a sparkly dress! It’s like celebrating life and enjoying every moment. At Negative Apparel, we’ve got lots of attractive stuff including rhinestone, pearls, sequence, hologram, and all kinds of fancy and embellished party dresses for women. Anything that involves beading, pearls, or rhinestones, we just simply can’t take off our eyes. So better keep up with the theme to shine away. 

A dress whether long or short, if it shines, that's where all the drama begins! Such a piece of clothing is always perfect for nighttime events. But it's 2022, and now you can flaunt those curves in the daytime too. Yes! You read that right! Now time to shine and sparkle in the daylight with Negative Apparel's super flashy stock of outfits. Put on this new trending dress for a birthday lunch and be the centre of glitz and glam everywhere you go. 

Summer sundresses

Are you sick of those pastel and earthy shades? Switch your mantra to exquisite and serene-looking floral sundresses. 

Sleeveless Ruffle Hem Dress FD

Summertime is always about bringing out floral and feminine dresses. A simple sundress is a versatile yet simple dress to be worn during hot weather. You can easily wear it to a wedding (given you pair the right kind of accessories with it) or wear it to a birthday party too. Mere looking good isn’t the goal this summer season. All stylish dress for women must be airy, and lightweight. This year it's going to be more about details such as a fitted body, statement sleeves, bubble hems, pearls and rhinestones. Pick out a few of these stunning pieces from our collection. These can also be worn as casual outfits for women in this blazing hot weather that look secretly dressy and comfortable at the same time. 


There’s nothing exquisite quite like a jumpsuit. The head-to-toe ensemble is an ideal throw-on while running late to the office but they’re also super stylish and can be dressed up or down as per the occasion. 

Our online store has plenty of styles including strapless, wide-leg ruffled or belted jumpsuit for women. It’s extraordinary and versatile at the same time. They’re great to stash in your summer wardrobe this year as a go-to option. Jumpsuits for women are quite optimal for your 9-to-5 work shift if work pants are not your thing. 


Trends come and go, but timeless and unique women accessories are forever. The silk scarf trend is back we can see ladies wrapping it around their hair buns, around the bag, tying it around their neck etc. Your look can never go complete without having the right kind of accessories to pair with. At negative apparel, we’ve got some statement jewellery pieces every social media influencer and socialite is talking about. So Ladies, bring on your summer shine with our spectacular collection including jewellery, sunglasses, handbags, scarves, belts and hair accessories. 


There’s nothing more comfortable than staying in your pyjamas and loungewear all day long coming back from work. The first thing we all do to unwind is by changing ourselves into some comfy women bottoms and a t-shirt. At Negative Apparel, you'd not only find the most relaxing and adorable prints that are highly stylish with romantic cuts. Ranging from lingerie for women, or cami and short sets, to robe sets, we've got them all for you. 

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