Best Bags from Negative Apparel

Best Bags from Negative Apparel - Negative Apparel

Women are obsessed with accessories from a very tender age. With this lifetime experience, it can be said with certainty that, unlike jewellery and footwear, handbags are the only accessories that last for a short while. This is why it is important to invest in only those ladies' handbags that are good in quality and will last for a couple of years or more. 

Some styles can never go out of fashion, and a few handbag designs have stayed in trend since the very beginning. For instance, the classic Birkin tote bag, the famous Chanel 11.12 bag, the Dior bag that can be still seen on the streets and fashion runways and many other styles likewise. Are you on the hunt for the trendiest bags in town? Negative Apparel has got a whole lot of trendiest bags just for you. You don't necessarily have to spend a fortune on high-end ladies' bag brands when Negative Apparel has got a variety of these for you at a reasonable price. So let’s get exploring the world of fashionable bags right away!

The tote bag!

tote bags for women

The kind of shoulder bag a lady carries says a lot about her personality and not only her fashion sense. Carrying a bag with you is more like carrying your mini-self with you in other terms. It's more of a lifestyle choice rather than fashion. And a tote bag serves the purpose fully. At Negative Apparel, you can shop for the classiest styles of these tote bags women love to carry around. 

A tote bag is not just a fashion statement, but it’s quite practical to be very honest. The bag has plenty of room and has enough space for you to keep your belongings like makeup, keys, sunglasses, perfume, mobile phone, wallet, and small accessories. So if you like to have things within your reach at all times, the spacious ladies' bags in Pakistan from Negative Apparel is just for you. 

Cross-body bags

Cross-body bags

Another lifestyle choice for women with the approach of a one-size-fits-all bag is probably the cross-body bag. A cross body bag allows for a quick grab from within the hand purse that you are carrying with you. A cross body is a mini shoulder bag that you can carry alongside and is quite practical yet fashionable at the same time. You can wear it for a quick errand and put your essentials like keys, wallet and phone with you. 

At Negative Apparel, you'd find these cross body bags Pakistan in various shapes and colours to match your mood and outfit accordingly. They serve the purpose well especially when headed out for a quick food bite with friends.

Circular silhouettes 

Circular silhouettes

Another noticeable handbag style circulating on the fashion runways and everywhere else is circular handbags, or cross body bags. Several styles such as crescent shape, half moon or half circle can be witnessed on the catwalks and streets. If you want to add instant polish to your overall look, you must go for this style of hand purse. This bags ladies’ is perfect for minimalists as you can take it to the office for a sleek look or an instantly dress-up look at the same time. The compact shape allows carry it all dong day long making you hand-free. 

You can achieve a similar dressy look with Negative Apparel's black coloured rhinestone circular shaped cross body bags Pakistan

Crochet fever

Crochet fever bag for women

The hottest trend of 2022 is probably the Crochet shoulder bags. The crochet or woven bags instantly give a sophisticated look meanwhile being minimal and less crafty. You can choose one with embellishments like metallic hardware, exterior pockets or buckle clips for a versatile look.

If you're into bohemian or retro styles then hand bag designs like these are just meant for you and guaranteed to make you look chic all summer long. Moreover, they are perfect to be taken with you on the beach or on a holiday trip. They look the best with neutral toned dresses. Shop away these online shopping bags right now from Negative Apparel for a sassy look. 

Mini arm candies

Mini arm candies for women

If you're looking for a stylish and bomb-looking mini arm candy for yourself, buy one from Negative Apparel. Miniature bags are a 2022 and 2023 trend and are perfect to be worn on occasions like birthday parties and other ladies' events. These mini handbags are just about the right size for anyone to carry their essential items like lipstick, mini perfume, or car keys. 

if you're one of those who can carry this style of bag and look for branded bags online in Pakistan then you must check out this style at Negative Apparel. Available in several flashy colours, shapes, designs and textures only at Negative Apparel. 

Bucket handbags

Bucket handbags for womens

One of the major handbag designs to be ticked off your bucket list should be the bucket bag itself. We can see it being flaunted on catwalks and fashion shoots everywhere around us. They are available in various textures and shapes. You can choose from a leather look, padded finish, or a glossy surface. The bucket ladies’ handbags are not only a fashion symbol but practical and useful too. These bags are spacious enough for you to carry your daily essential items with you from day till night.

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