Negative Apparel Euphoric Spring:

I’ll say what we all are thinking. THAT SEASON FINALE FOR EUPHORIA!

As to commemorate the entire genius of this latest season, I’ll be going over the looks every character served and the way their style is shaping this Spring’s fashion. And since Negative Apparel brings all the western clothing to Pakistan, I have tagged similar affordable clothing apparel to achieve the aesthetics.


Firstly, Jules. Now, Jules is known for her layering. In almost all of her everyday outfits, she’s seen with a casual tee - sometimes a mesh tee, other times a plain tee over a long shirt. So if you wish to get that tee on tee look, try to get complimenting or similar shades. This is important because a drastic change may have the colors clashing and instead of that gorgeous layering, you’ll look like you got dressed in the dark - or worse, like Joe did in ‘The One Where No One's Ready’.

Negative Apparel Euphoric Spring

Also to keep in mind is that this combo needs very delicate handling in the summers. If using heavy and non-breathable fabrics - such as nylon and acrylic - then the chances of overheating are high. Therefore, it is a good option to stick to cotton, linen and a concoction of blends that do not retain heat.

Our top selections for the Jules look include:


Here we have our top selling ‘Cartoon Bear Embroidery Crop Cami’ fitted over a basic ‘Beige Mock Neck Solid Slim Crop Tee’ and ‘Pink Plaid Pleated Skirt’.



Another good fit would be this ‘Heart Letter Graphic Top-stitching Tee’ with a basic ‘Solid Form-Fitted Tee’ underneath it.

However, if it feels too difficult to layer constantly in the summer heat, we also have a few selections of graphic tees that fall under Jules’ aesthetic.


Zendaya gave us another amazing performance in her portrayal of Rue. But the acting was not the only thing served - she also served a cute and easy-going aesthetic. She has a big thing for wearing her late father’s clothing - giving us the oversized, graphic tee angle.



Here we have the ‘Tie Dye & Slogan Graphic Oversized Tee’ on the left and ‘Butterfly Print Tie Dye Oversized Tee’ on the right. Though the color is a bit brighter than the color palette Rue goes for, we are using this color range in hopes that her future in the show will be brighter and more fun.



There is of course, this ‘Letter Graphic Tie-Dye Drop Shoulder Top & Shorts Set’ that knowing Rue’s fashion sense, she’d wear the set separately - the tee with some skinny black jeans and the shorts beneath some other marble effect shirt.

There is also the matter of her crop tee and oversized collared blouse. For instance:


These are our ‘Contrast Collar Striped Rib-knit Top’ whose color scheme is quite harmonic, with the blend of colors transiting from white, to light blue, to dark blue and bubblegum pink. It is an absolute need for days out on a walk or to the park!

Next, we have the ‘Contrast Tape Striped Print Ribbed Tee’ whose tri-colored stripes seem to stand out against each other without being too loud. The typical white background compliments the pink while highlighting the black lines. It is a good shirt to call the proper amount of attention to you.

Next, there is the ‘Lettuce Edge Rainbow Striped Tee’ which is infamous for being a constant staple in everyone’s wardrobes.

Lastly, we have the ‘Teen Girls Striped Print Notched Tee’ which seems to blend in really well with Rue’s clothing color palette as a stand-off. But the other shirts would pair amazingly with an oversized blouse. For instance:



Here we have ‘Tartan Print Letter Patched Blouse’ (left) and ‘Plaid Flap Pocket Button Through Blouse’ (right). Knowing Rue’s personality, she’ll probably wear the first blouse with either one of the first three crop tees and skinny black jeans or, a simple black crop tee tank top and the shorts from the graphic dye tie set. The second blouse can be used for the perfect ‘sober Rue’ moment. The clean-cut design of it, with her normal jeans and shirt underneath would have Rue look more put together than the majority of the episodes in season 2.


Kat is one of the most interesting characters in the Euphoria circle - and yes, I said what I said. But it seems like the latest, season 2 had her character lugging around without exploring her full potential. Though her issues have been valid (the screaming Love Yourself scene is honestly one of the most well-put out scenes truly depicting the way many deal with us when we mention not liking our body shape).

Kat as usual, while coming into acceptance and embracing her curves, really put herself out there with her outfits.

It can be said her wardrobe can be split into two - printed tees and halter styled apparel.

For instance:


These are the Form-Fitting Crisscross Halter Top’, ‘Leopard Print Mock Neck Bodysuit Without Lingerie’, ‘Scoop-Neck Allover Print Tee’ and ‘Skull Print Tee’ in the respective order. Each clothing apparel would easily slide over into Kat’s wardrobe.


The other side of her wardrobe would be the halter strapped dresses Kat sported in the episodes. We have our fan-favorite ‘Knot Shoulder Split Hem Plaid Overall Dress’ (left), ‘Plaid Tie Shoulder Overall Dress’ (middle), and ‘Solid High Waist Overall Dress’ (right).


Cassie was one of the messiest characters there was this season. From both a normal point of view and fashion-wise. Her obsession with having Nate fall for her took a new high when she decided to copy Maddie’s style to keep his attention on her. And it is that aspect of her character which will be the reason why Cassie’s part in this blog will be limited. I’ll only be talking about Cassie’s break-down outfits - aka the outfits she wore before she leached onto Maddie’s style.

One thing to be noted is that Cassie’s style is extremely girly out of the group. Her style consists of ruffles, surplice necked tops, bodysuits, denim, and minidresses. But when she became obsessed with Nate, her outfits became more retro and 90s.

Our top picks for Cassie's tops (see what I did there?) would include our:


Cross Wrap Knit Top’ (left), ‘Foldover Asymmetrical Neck Slim Fitted Wrap Top’ (middle), ‘Surplice Neck Ribbed Knit Crop Velvet Top’ (right). Each top is curated carefully for this character. Though Cassie does tend to stick to extremely feminine and soft colors such as pink, lavender, and baby blue, the burgundy top is both a great metaphor for how she lost her way in her desire of having Nate and for the seasonal depression that has many succumb to it.

Our next pick is this gorgeous, sparkly ‘Surplice Neck Ruched Glitter Dress’. 


Magnificent, ethereal color aside, this style is the perfect fit for Cassie. The low neck, the surplice neck, the ruched details and the way it hugs the body's curves. OOF!

Another dress selected for Cassie would give homage to one of her - well - one of the most anticipated episodes after its teaser dropped.
…Sorry, was that hint too vague? I’ll give another hint then. This episode featured a bathroom, a play and a very messy screaming/crying fit.
…Yeah, that also described three different episodes. You know what, I’ll just drop a hint in a picture form.

There it is! I’m talking about the ‘Oklahoma’ dress. Though I have to mention, that dress was an absolute mess on Cassie and my dreams were haunted by that disastrous crash and burn. But the style behind it was pretty good. So, if you intend to have that puffed sleeve effect, we got you.


We took everything that was wrong with the dress on the left (The OG Oklahoma dress) and removed it to leave behind better clothing apparel. 

For instance, this baby blue ‘Gigot Sleeve Lace Prom Dress’ has the elegance that seemed to lack in the actual dress with its lace filled detail.

I haven’t forgotten the actual iconic Cassie skin ritual, however. And although a bathrobe may be great for when you first get out of the shower, it’s a whole different vibe when in some comfortable pretty pajamas.

This ‘Mint Green V Neck Solid Top & Knot Front Leggings Set’ would be the perfect blend of comfort and pleasant to the eye - by not being too bright or loud in the early morning.


Lexi. Where to start? Lexi came off with a big bang this season from the very start. That chemistry she had with Fez at the party and the way her outfits seemed to POP afterwards was truly beautiful.

Lexi seems to have her entire closet based on the academia aesthetic - in particular, leaning towards the dark academia. She is constantly wearing tailored trousers, plaid, and statement colored tops.



Her iconic red plaid trousers seem a little too difficult for everyone to pull off but it is likely this ‘Overlap Wide Waistband Houndstooth Skinny Pants’ could fit the aesthetic for a larger group of people.
My next pick would, despite not being a ‘pure’ Lexi academia item, is still one that if found to be in her closet, no one could bat an eye else-wise. This ‘Allover Floral & Polka Dot Print Lettuce Trim Crop Tee
Paired with plain skinny black jeans and squared footed black heels, this outfit would be an utter showstopper.
But if this feels odd, I return to a staple of Lexi’s wardrobe - and that is her cardigans.


Here we have a wide range of different cardigans. With ‘Heart Pattern Button-Front Cardiganon the left, ‘Argyle Pattern Button Up Cardigan’ on the right and ‘Floral Embroidery Button Up Cardigan’ beneath.

Lexi always looked striking with her cardigans that seemed perfect for every occasion. So we did the same. These cardigans are perfect for any normal day, a day out to the park and even to dinner with friends.

The last outfit I have kept for Lexi is following Cassie’s theme with a nighttime pajama set.

This elegant ‘Floral Print Knot Pajama Set’ can easily be envisioned on Lexi while she sits and types up her next drama (That is if the school hasn’t banned her from directing dramas after the whole fiasco on stage).


Maddie was an actual work of art this season. Each episode was a whole new wave of wishing I had her clothes - or better yet, had her body AND her clothes. Her get-up was hands down the BEST wardrobe this entire season. We have so many different garments she has worn - from bodycon dresses to casual wear shirts, to formal wear tops, to bikini sets to rompers. 

She wore it all! And rather than any discomfort in her dressing, each article was like a symphony coming altogether showcasing her personality.

Firstly, off to the tops.

These are gorgeous tops for every person trying to get that ‘rich girl’ look.




We also have this ‘Plants & Rabbit Print Button Front Blouse’ (left) and ‘Drop Shoulder Graphic Sweater’ (right). Should I speak for these articles or let these articles speak for themselves?
Both sound good. These articles are our number one tops that as standalone pieces, also make the wearer shine.


Now, onto the articles I was most excited about. THE DRESSES!
Maddy Parez truly outdid herself with the first dress seen at the party on episode one. The ‘Rhinestone Detail Zip Back Crop Top & Fringe Trim Skirt Set’ (left) and ‘Drawstring Side Backless Knot Halter Neck Metallic Bodycon Dress’ (right) are absolutely to die for. 
Not only do they fulfill the Maddy level of extra, but they also have that charismatic wave of energy wafting from the articles themselves

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