Upcoming Spring Summer Trends 2022

Upcoming Spring Summer Trends 2022 - Negative Apparel

Summer Fashion Trends to Come:

Winter is coming to an end, and we all know what that means. It’s time to get our gears ready for Spring! With the Fashion Week saga coming to an end - after having watched the ‘Big Four’ fashion capitals of New York, London, Milan, and Paris - we can come to a conclusion on a few trends that will for sure rise in the Spring/Summer season. Though I do believe that it’s important to acknowledge the importance of shows and the way they influence Fashion trends (Yes Maddy Perez we’re looking at you).


Firstly, I’d like to start with the tops. One thing never going out of style is ‘cowl neck cami tops’. In particular, block-colored cowl neck cami tops. My favorite would be this gorgeous black one.

Paired with our ‘Mom Jeans’ and ‘Buckled Ankle Strappy Kitten Heel Sandals’, this outfit will give you that professional, female-who-has-her-life-together look. A simple shoulder bag is a MUST to completely bring this outfit together. In the event of shifting this office outfit into something to wear with your friends outside, slip on some silver ‘Metal Hoop Earrings’

Another top which will be seen quite a lot for its easy and versatile qualities is the ‘Lettuce Trim Crop Tee’. Whether these may be simple tees or button-up tees. These can be paired with wide-legged jeans, shorts, tennis skirts, and even longer, floral printed skirts.

For instance, this ‘baby blue buttoned front lettuce trimmed crop tee’ would pair gorgeously with this blue-slitted floral print skirt. The skirt could be substituted with ‘high waist wide leg jeans’ to lower the dressed up vibe.

Either way, these tops are here to stay!





Another top that I am completely smitten with and honestly believe fellow Gen Z’s will buy are butterfly embroidery tees. These are absolute simple but gorgeous shirts that help give that little pop of femininity sometimes missing from outfits. Especially when there are so many different styles to choose from.



Other trends to expect would be printed dye crop tops and bustier crop tops.



Now that the tops have been discussed, it’s time to head over to the bottoms. This year, like the last, will not see an over-dramatic change in the usage of bottoms. However, one thing for sure staying are ‘pleated skirts’ whether they be tennis skirts or long maxi skirts.



 These are timeless pieces that can be paired with a simple tank top, silk t-shirt, or even a minimalist graphic tee.

For instance, this ‘zip side black pleated skirt’ (as shown above on the far left corner) would pair gorgeously with this ‘form-fitting crisscross halter top’. Also, the look can be completed either with some ‘Minimalist Side Zip Combat Boots’ or ‘White Lace Up Chunky Sole Trainers’.
As usual, a tiny shoulder bag is a complete MUST!
This ‘ Black Quilted Chain Shoulder Bag’ would elevate this outfit from normal to goddess tier.




Another great look this spring also comes in the form of jumpsuits and dresses. These may come in all different styles and colors, but the floral print is here to stay.




Though all different styles will keep circulating, it is very important to note that the ‘surplice neckline’ may take rise above the rest. This design’s most notable feature is the cinch (aka the belt) around the waist. It helps give the illusion of a slimmer waist. This is great to showcase your figure after being bundled up all winter long.

Another reason this style is so hyped up is all due to the elegant vibe it gives off without the need to do much. It is an effortless way to elevate your wardrobe (and quite cheaper than buying an immense amount of jewelry). This look is even better when in pastel colors.


Another great look of this design is the ‘two tone’ outfits.


This dress trend is perfect for those who are indecisive (yes, I am calling myself out - though without much pleasure). Sometimes it takes a long time to pair pants with a pretty shirt that would not only complement the outfit but also showcase its stunning aspects. This clothing apparel joins the two in a beautiful harmonic explosion. The left side picture is one of our top-selling 'Surplice Wrap Sequin Embroidered Wide Leg Jumpsuit’ while the image on the right is our ‘Lantern Sleeve Surplice Neck Two Tone Mermaid Dress’.

These two are the best outfits for any quick get-together or last-minute plan, or even those days when we feel tired but don’t want to compromise our style.


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