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Classic Sunglasses For Women!! - Negative Apparel

We believe that there is a silver lining in everything and once you begin to see it, you’ll need sunglasses to combat the glare. Catchy opening, aren’t we known for that already?

Here at Negative Apparel we’ve sown in the formula of “turning heads” into our every article. Be it our sweatshirts, pants, hoodies, dresses, coats or accessories, you name it and we’ll furnish it Hot and a whole lot, on the spot! Maintaining our A game through times, we’re more than delighted to present before you our oh-so-flashy contemporary women sunglasses collection.

In this blog, we’ve picked a handful of sunglasses that every face shape can rock. The concept of symmetry in fashion forms the very basis of what’s yayy and what’s nayy. Today we’re going to defy the concept of symmetry and showcase our high-end shades easily wearable for any face shape. You won’t have to worry about “Oh will this frame go well with my face structure or not?” anymore. We’ve styled our collection by keeping under consideration the right amount of proportions of different factors including the density and size of the frame, the length of the bridge, the length and width of the lens, temple length, color tone of the lens and the surface of the lens. So the output of each designed sunglasses is simply a dream coming to life! It is undeniable how the pop of right accessories to any outfit can leverage it’s beam and glam.

Ladies, to steal the attention throw in a gorg pair of our sunglasses to make people go “Who is this woman?”. Leave your statement impact on peeps around you with our guide to unlock an effortless modish boss look.


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To open our compelling sunglasses stock, we’d flaunt our gold frame brown round lens sunglasses first. This item in particular gets us excited like a child in a toy store. It has a flair so boho and edgy, it’ll make you stand out even if you pair it up with your sweatpants and tee’s. It’s solid gold round frame calls in people’s interest and curiosity towards you, making you a shining subject in any gathering. On top of that, regardless of the shape of your face -be it round, oval, diamond, heart- these sunglasses will fall in the middle of your face especially if you move it slightly over to the bridge of your nose, lifting up your charm and oomph to an incredible notch. Coupling together it’s brown lens, this detail enhances a more endearingly ravishing personality setting you apart from the loud crowd.  J’adore, j’adore!


Moving on, we've put on the table our extremely flattering metal frame sunglasses. This article specifically belongs to our boss ladies out there. It’s metal frame with grey lens causes a shock in the system. These sunglasses are designed to leave a bold impact no matter your face shape. You top them up either with a feminine flowy dress look or a head to toe black baddie ensemble, these shades will never disappoint you in sealing the deal. Further panning into the details, the grey lens it comes along with radiates a casual elegance layered in high sophistication claiming it’s credibility out loud.



Gearing up towards the next display, we’ve picked our polygon frame sunglasses for you! Speaking of a point item in your attire, these sunglasses are absolutely a Hot catch! Introducing the evergreen element of angles into our spectacular sunglasses collection, it’s penta cut frame is an official anomaly. You can’t just refrain yourself from going “Wow!!” on this piece of art. Allow it to boss-ify your pretty face for any event or outing and leave the talking to it. It’s polygon frame will make you the center of attention wherever you go, schooling folks on how to go boho in a snap. It comes with a classy black lens to draw in more “I’m here for the business!” vibes.


Dropping the show stealer from our extensive range of sunglasses collection, we summon our only-for-Queens accessory: metal polygon frame mirror lens sunglasses. Now that’s what we were talking about! Oh it actually comes with a caution of NOT TO BE STARED at for a total of five secs or you’ll be hypnotized by it’s beauty. Ah, too late! We can see you’re already in love, aren’t you? It’s solid metal frame is no joke. The polygon shaped frames are here exclusively to make you as heavenly distinctive as you are. Joining forces with it’s jaw dropping enchanting reflective pink mirror lens, this is yet another piece of art. You can choose to stay sassy or glam up like a superstar with these sunglasses, your call. They’ll give your attire a boost of unimaginable measure. It’s lens embellished with pink reflective mirror is a stunning vision so dreamy, so eye catchy! It’s just that irresistible!            


Now let’s dig deeper into our collection’s diversity, we found it mandatory to choose a totally captivating square frame sunglasses to give your face a firm yet airy look. We came up with our full rim top bar ombre lens square sunglasses, a breathtaking unique article truly worthy of being a part of your shades collection. It’s frame designed with a full rim throws a boho plus boss vibe. It’s boxy shape neutralizes the roundness or angularity of your face pushing forth the focus on it’s square frame. This effect could’ve drawn a really stern look had the lens been solid like black or dark grey but here’s comes in play our complimentary magic work. The lens are chosen to be light as easy as breezy as they could be to avoid doubling the effect of concreteness. The multicolor lens dabs your face with a more friendly, approachable and easy going energy.



Closing up our brief women sunglasses collection tour, we couldn’t afford missing a kind of this one. Behold, welcoming our eye candy we bring to your notice our metal frame tinted lens sunglasses. Tell me if sunglasses can get any cuter than this! Ladies, this is a must have for your outings or friends hangout. It just prevails the old happy times energy giving you a more youthful, innocent and pretty pink feel. It’s composition is right on feminine. The metal frame is not designed to be thick and has been purposely given a fragile look to drive in the delicacy. Further it has been styled with tinted lens. You can choose from the two available color options from our stock of such sunglasses i.e pink and brown. Both of these tinted lens incorporate more graceful, soft and girlish aura. Rock this pair with your denims cass look to inspire girls to go more feminine with their street style. ‘Tis the idea!


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