Top Dress Styles That You'll Love This Summer

Top Dress Styles That You'll Love This Summer - Negative Apparel

Fashion is an ultimate form of art that represents one’s aesthetics, taste, creativity and expression of individuality. The ways we dress up in our clothes, shoes, and accessories from day to day say a lot about our personality in some way. However, don't jump on to try every trend around you. Instead, you should focus on what kind of fashionable essentials suit you the best.  As the weather starts to get hotter, the clothes start to get light in weight and texture. 

This is where women dresses happen to be the most convenient yet versatile piece of garment in the wardrobe. There are plenty of silhouettes to choose from including formal dresses, casual wear dresses, body-hugging, sporty, office-appropriate, and any dress for any occasion. 

Choose your dress at Negative Apparel’s

With numerous dresses available in the market, Negative Apparel brings you its exclusive collection of summer women dress. We bring you these alluring dresses, especially from Dubai’s best clothing markets. We have sorted them out based on their style, purpose, and functionality for you to pick out the styles you love and suit you the best. A flirty floral dress for women with heels or a pair of sneakers with a t-shirt dress, the options are endless. Your search for travel-friendly, breathable, luxurious and sustainable dresses will end here –at Negative Apparel. 

Sleek cut-out dresses

Cutouts are all the rage this summer and the new trending dress to look out for. Add one of these chic cut-out dresses for a bold and confident persona. Celebrities, models, and even fashion influencers can all be seen adorning this latest trend everywhere. Even the Met Gala this year witnesses cut-out dresses. There's no denying how popular cut-out dresses have been lately. At Negative Apparel, you can check out our long dress for women that features cut-outs across your midriff for a look that's at once elevated and attractive. Or, play with cut-outs across your back or on your collar bone like this one below, to test out the style for yourself.  

Cut-out dresses are ideal for daytime and nighttime events. A little skin show in the daytime will make you the centre of attention for all the goodness.  

The classic dressing

The classic dressing is a fashionable style that is unique and timeless. It entails simple cuts, prints, and silhouettes to create an elegant, modern yet contemporary look for all seasons and occasions. 

Classic dresses always appear to be sophisticated and elegant and rise high above all past and current trends. Classic printed women dress style is accepted by a wide range of women of all ages. The length is also perfect every time; not too long nor too short. 

You can easily access a range of classic dresses for your special occasions or roles such as bridal shower, bride's maid of honour, wedding, graduation ceremony, farewell dinner and so forth. 

Such a women maxi dress always compliments your body shape and also looks appealing and serene to the eyes. Grab this classic puff sleeve dress to bring in a vintage touch with the eloquence of elegance.  This could be your perfect classic dress for an upcoming event and amaze everyone around you. 

Time to shine in the night

The night is always meant to shine. Literally! You can find a huge variety of evening dress for women in various styles and colours. Usually long flowing dresses with lots of sparkles here and there are preferred to be worn to formal occasions. Evening dresses and nightgowns usually feature luxurious fabrics, stylish cuts and alluring silhouettes with heavy embellishments to set out the aura of glam everywhere. The use of rhinestones, pearls, beadings, sequence etc. is what makes the dress glow in the audience. 

At Negative Apparel, we have a stunning collection of such nightgowns and prom dress for you to steal the show away. 

The exotic dressing

As soon as the weather starts getting warm, your plans for the holiday trip start to unroll. Travelling requires an exotic style of dressing. By exotic dressing, we mean adopting a clothing style which is solely centred on vibrant hues, and attention-grabbing printed women dress. 

Look out for a bodycon dress that is composed of vibrant colours, chunky prints, or embroidery. The floral dress for women is the ideal choice in this case. A touch of puff sleeves, bubble hems, or pleats add all the more drama and substance to the overall look.

If you’re planning for a trip up in the north or to the Nordic countries, our stash of exotic dresses has a fantastic value for money by all means. Throw on a hat and a pair of bohemian slippers for a chic yet stylish look on the go!

Dress up like a lady

Clothes that are feminine and make you feel young and cute should be in your wardrobe. It combines comfortable and easy-to-wear pieces such as slip dress for women, skirts, blouses, as well as cool accessories. 

Dressing up like a lady means balancing out sweet and sophisticated. Some essential pieces of the lady dressing style are floral dress for women, cropped tops, ruffled tops, and long flowy skirts.

The fashion ramp style

If you are surrounded by celebrities, makeup artists, photographers, editors, and people from the world of fashion, then your wardrobe should have a handy of these high-end designer dresses. Only famous fashion houses in Pakistan make exclusive custom-fitted garments on an order basis which are expensive. It's an expensive fashion style with beautiful and truly unique creations. But Negative Apparel has made this very easy for such people who are always on the go. You can now pick any style of sleeveless dress for women, a long dress, a cutout dress, or anything you like for a full-on glamorous look.

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