The Best Jumpsuits in 2022 For a Flattering Fit

Staying indoors in the hot weather in pyjamas and loungewear sets is our summer mantra, and there’s nothing quite like a solid jumpsuit. The one-piece head-to-toe ensemble not only is the ideal throw-on while running late to work and very practical. They’re also super stylish and can be dressed up or down as per the occasion. They are your go-to outfits for a lot of occasions such as weddings, cocktail parties, bridal showers, birthday lunches and other variety of occasions.

Jumpsuits are like an instapot of your wardrobe. It's like an instant outfit, a cure for your entire summer dress problem. You can easily change into these comfortable ladies' jumpsuit with the right accessories and shoes for a chic look.

You can find a versatile range of jumpsuits for women at Negative Apparel; from strapless, wide-leg to ruffled, belted and a lot more styles. With no time to waste, we have listed down below some of the best seller jumpsuit dress for a flattering fit. From different designs, materials, and reasonable price ranges, we’ve got you covered!

Choose the right jumpsuit for you

Jumpsuits generally come in three different styles; fitted, fit, and flare. For a relaxed look, pick out the best silhouette that comes down to what you feel most comfortable in and as per the occasion’s requirement. For a casual jumpsuit to wear during the day, you may opt for a loose fit. On the other hand, a sleek fitted jumpsuit would be more appropriate for nighttime.

Wearing the right style of footwear is also important. For instance, cropped or wide-legged dress goes with just about any style of shoes. 

Strapless or belted 

Try on a strapless jumpsuit dress for a sophisticated alternative to your occasional party wear dress. Accessorize with minimal jewellery or top it off with a scarf wrapped around your head or your neck for that perfect vintage attire. 

For a true work of art that will have all eyes on you, check out this strapless, halter neck, belted jumpsuit. It has ticked all the boxes of goodness right there! For a true Greek goddess vibe, you could dress up in this outfit for a brunch, coffee date or an office lunch to impress your workmates. This effortless look works for both the summer and the holiday seasons. Throw on a hat, pair it with sandals and let your hair down for a fun-loving look. 


A simple boat neckline, belt on the waistline, and wide-leg pants keep it classy. This style is perfect if you want to keep up with a sophisticated yet playful look. A wide-legged 2-piece dress isn't too tight or loose and can be easily dressed up or down with a belt, jacket or right kind of accessory. The lightweight material and the cuts make it great for active days, whether you wear it to a party or to run errands. 

Buy this striped colour block belted wide-legged ladies jumpsuit from our website to adopt a stunning look this summer. With the right kind of jewellery and heels, you can dress it up for a formal event or toss on a hat and sandals for a weekend getaway. 


For a dressier version, a two-piece dress with a ruffled bodice, puff sleeves or pleated waistline is a showstopper.  Add some polished jewellery to the look, such as modern pearl earrings or layered necklaces. It also works the best in cold weather by layering up with a blazer or puffer coat.  Get ready in this effortless ruffled jumpsuit for a flirtatious look for the night. A ruffled or frilly jumpsuit is an ideal two-piece dress for a party for a formal occasions like weddings, dinners, and parties. Stock up on solid-coloured ruffled jumpsuit dresses for a versatile and elegant look.

Shop this romantic-looking black jumpsuit from negative apparel for your next dinner date and sweep him off his feet with this jaw-dropping gorgeous outfit.  Wear it with heels and carry a shiny hand clutch to complete the look. 

Short sleeves

Short-sleeved 2-piece outfits are quite practical and comfy for all kinds of occasions in the summer season. For a fun and flirty look, this style is always an option that can be explored. Add details with chunky jewellery and minimal footwear for a polished look. Romper for women with short sleeves is also famously known as utility suits. The side or front pockets, zippers and collars give it a signature look. Leave the top button undone for an effortless summer look and some air to cross during the day, or add some chunky neckpiece for a nighttime event with a metallic hand clutch. 

Get yourself this embroidered 2-piece dress for women for your next formal gathering or a hi-tea with friends and steal away the show. 

Weekend getaways

The weekends and holidays call for an effortless style, and only a jumpsuit dress can accomplish that. There are so many ways that you can dress up or down your casual weekend jumpsuit.  So pick one that resonates with your mood; gingham for Sunday picnics, linen for long walks, vivid prints for brunch. This way you’ll always have a piece or two that you can rely on all summer long.

This baby pink floral printed belted jumpsuit is an ideal outfit for Sunday brunch. Grab this gorgeous and graceful ladies' jumpsuit for your summer staples. 

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