Negative Apparel Summer Drop 2022

Negative Apparel Summer Drop 2022 - Negative Apparel

Six months into this year, you might want to upgrade your closet with some of 2022 big fashion trends. The summer and the rest of the year have plenty of fun trends in store. It's time to be under the spotlight with cheerful attire, vivid colours, and bold prints with gorgeous silhouettes. The focus has to be on styles such as bubble hemlines, ruffled bodice, puff sleeve top, volume summer tops, cutouts galore, and low-rise pants and skirts. 

Accessories also play a major role in transforming the entire look for the occasion. This season is all about donning chunky platforms, bright-coloured bags, and lots of jewellery. 

To follow the current trends around you, the key is to try various styles of women tops, pants, dresses, frocks etc. to see what suits you best. It’s time to refresh your summer wardrobe by adding a new blazer, or a stylish ladies' top from our latest summer collection. So without wasting more time, let's dig into the details and look as cool as ever.  

High rise pants

Attain the effortless look, for your everyday work style with high-rise women pants. Not only are they appropriate for work, but easy to wear. A high rise pants, whether skinny or flared can be easily styled with a crop ladies’ top, plain t-shirts for women or even a frilly blouse for a feminine look. For a sleek casual look, you can pair these high-waist pants with chunky platforms or sneakers. Or you can dress up a little bit by adding a jacket on top of your crop top or cami-shirt if you’ll be staying indoors. 

Best work pants are the high-rise plaid women pants that are perfect to wear to the office and in fact, help attain the chic corporate style.

Grab one of these high-rise pants from our website, and add this to your summer closet for fashionable attire.  They come in many colours, fabrics, prints and patterns. So pick and choose as many as you like in suitable sizes from Negative Apparel’s latest collection

Flowy bottoms

Just as high waist pants are a thing this season, flared women bottoms are the rage in the world of fashion. Whether oversize, jogger pants are your jam or you’re more the elevated soft yoga-pants type, preferring flared pants and women trousers or flowy culottes, leisurely bottoms are 2022 constant. All thanks to the work-from-home set-up that has set the casual working dress code for women this season.

At the same time culottes pants work best for a fusion of eastern and western styles. They can be easily worn with a t-shirt and a long-style eastern shirt as well. 

Shop this high-waist flared leg pants from our website. They are available in three shades, black, white and beige so you can match them with your outfit accordingly. 

Patterned sets

Give your summer wardrobe a boost with some groovy patterns to add some drama to your daily look. If you’re looking for some unique styles to wear this season, then give this look a try. The head-to-toe patterned look is fun and quirky and at the same time simple, quick, and easy to throw on for nearly every occasion. Trade in your old and boring t-shirts for women and sweat pants for an elevated look with a patterned two-piece set. Checks, stripes, dots, abstract, floral, and any other prints you can think of, are the new move! Go for this sultry patterned two-piece set for a dinner date and get your man swoon off his feet. 

Voluminous silhouettes

From its looks, frilly and puff sleeve top will remain a trend throughout the year.  From oversize shirts to bubble hemlines, ruffled bodices and ballooned silhouettes, all dresses and tops will retain their volume through the end of the year. If anything else, you can spice up your look with culottes’ pants or soft pants you’ll probably still be rocking on the bottom. Either way, these tops can be dressed up or down as per the occasion. 

For formal yet chic attire take your look a step ahead with puff sleeves, and high-waist wide-legged pants. You may also add some statement jewellery pieces for a more polished look. Try out this flirty yet romantic dressing style with a voluminous silhouette to give yourself a dramatic yet gorgeous makeover. Women tops like these are ideal for events like weddings, dinners, and parties. Get a vivacious look with Negative Apparel's vast collection of such lady-like going-out tops that are perfect for holidays too.


No shame in the cutout game. A little skin show isn't going to harm anyone. And clearly, this trend will be seen around us for quite some time. 

Cutouts are all the rage this summer and the new trend to look out for. Add one of these chic cut-out blouses for women for a fun and playful look. Celebrities, models, and even fashion influencers can all be seen adorning this latest trend everywhere. There's no denying how popular cut-out dresses have been lately. And if you still want to adopt this look but are a little too shy to do so, try to accessorize with a scarf or some chunky jewellery and perhaps let your hair down. 

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