Workplace Looks: Putting an End To Your Morning Hustle and Bustle

Workplace Looks: Putting an End To Your Morning Hustle and Bustle - Negative Apparel

Whether you’re a school headmistress, bureaucrat, general manager, secretary, neurologist or any other professional; pairing up what accessories and clothes to wear every morning to your workplace can be exigent and challenging but also gratifying when the right look comes together. Catering personal styles and various body types can be quite a job but we tried creating fashion-forward and affordable looks for you which can help you channel your inner Olivia Pope.


If you’re someone who prefers skirts over pants then you need to keep few things in mind for that matter. Pencil or line skirts are the best option that falls under business attire. Make sure that the length of your skirts hits your knee at least and if you plan on going shorter than that; then it would be wise to wear hosiery. A button-up dress shirt or flutter sleeve solid top would complement your skirt.

It’s always sensible to keep your accessories minimal and elegant when stepping out for your office meeting. For instance, disc detail lariats necklace and bracelet set would go best with your plain white dress shirt. A dress like knot hem ribbed top and pencil skirt can be paired with snakeskin pattern textured drop earrings for an entire classy and formal look.


Plus points for pants because they just don’t limit your attire to business meetings. A teacher, school principal, or a creative agent; everybody can make full use of these economical and semi-formal pants on every occasion. High waist straight pants or pleated solid pants (preferably khaki color) would complement a basic, versatile blazer.  In order to throw a little sass to your full look, you can wear a sizeable amount of jewelry. Crystal statement earrings or any piece that involves tassels can be your first pick for that matter!!


I doubt there would be anyone disagreeing with me on the fact that dresses are the most comfortable thing to wear; especially in this scorching heat and humidity. Whether you have a desk job or have to go back and forth to fulfill your job requirements, dresses are what you need. Composed of polyester and cotton, they can guarantee ultimate comfort along with the perfect fashion you wanted to create.

Dresses usually offer half or cap sleeves, unlike the dress shirts. To make your look more trendy and catchy you can wear a pair of bracelets or mid-rings to enhance your versatility. The elegance of moon and leaf décor bracelet or grace of gold plated embellished rings can never possibly leave you to go unnoticed. I can bet!!



A smart working lady will always invest in unique and high-quality handbags. So ladies, starting with your formal business look that has to be a pencil skirt or a dress pants; a tote bag should be your instant pickup. It gives life to your whole attire and sprinkles charm, of course. Our twilly scarf tote bag with an inner pouch can definitely make your life easy.

A clutch would go perfect with the dresses but the fact that you’re going to a workplace and need a bag with massive quantity to carry things doesn’t make it the best option. Chain or saddle bags are what you should own with a dress. Either wear it in a crisscross manner or carry it on your shoulder only.

There will never be a dull and under confident day at office if you pull off these looks. The passion of power dressing and ability to rock every meeting just with your attire can help you go a long way.

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