Ever wondered why fashion has started affecting us more than architecture, paintings, and sculptures?

Because fashion is an amalgam of art and science. There’s a skin under our visible skin also known as the layers of skin; similarly, our fashion, clothes, etc. are the second visible skin we tend to possess. They not only shield our body as well as feature our highlights and edge our total character. Talking about the summer statement this year; you first need to get an insight into the whole concept.


Summer statement is all about discovering yourself in sweltering summer; which will help you stay true to the real you regardless of what the occasion is you’re dressing for. Knowing your fashion statement gives you a superior association between your style decisions and your internal identity. It becomes quite frustrating bringing the complete right look together in this scorching heat so you end up grabbing whatever comes in your hands first, right? Don’t worry, we got it all sorted for you yet once again.

Sheer goddess, summer day slayer, evening queen; you can be everything with exquisite yet effortless styling. Without any further delays, I would recommend you to get your hands on our flowy dresses!!!! This has to be the staple attire this summer in your wardrobe and can easily win the title of your summer statement as well (because the classy look that offers complete comfort, that’s what you needed, right? ;)

  Doll-Up with Ruffles 

Our Off The Shoulder Pom Pom Ruffle Hem Dress will make you feel effortlessly beautiful and light because of its minimal designing on ruffled off-shoulder sleeves with the addition of pompoms. The light sky blue and bisque stripes give it a very look that symbolizes serenity.

Taking solace and styling parallel is something just astute ladies would pick. For an evening get together you can match the dress with a khaki or camel colored floppy hat or with Tortoiseshell Frame Cat Eye Sunglasses.

 Funky and Floral

Flirty and flattering is how you can describe a wrap dress. Floral Print Self Tie Wrap Dress catches all your attention due to its refreshing oceanic shades and will make you experience cool breeze in this hot weather. The boho styling makes it perfect for a casual night out with friends or even for a formal lunch/meeting. Rimless Cat Eye Sunglasses paired with any of our straw hats would do the job of protecting you from the unforgiving heat and make you appear appealing. We all know girls are crazy after statement accessories so to add fun and  feminine touch to your overall look you should deffo wear some tassel shaped earrings to your fancy meet-up. I’m sure you will rock it!!!  

 Fluffy Puffy

Ladies believe me when I say the 80's are back in fashion. Puff sleeves are the trendiest thing that has returned. They are extremely easy to pull off and reflect absolute grace only. Ruffle Trim Puff Sleeve Shirred Waist Dress brings out the delicacy and sheer elegance. Frill and elasticized threads are sewn in a way that would make you want to put this dress on immediately. This summery dress can be paired with a floral bandana to give a finishing touch to your look. You can either bow it up or loosely tie a messy bun out of it. Since this baby pink dress might look too plain for a semi-formal gathering so you can wear prominent statement earrings with it to stand out.

 Throw a Show in Kimono

The statement tees that will make you the center of attention this season is going to be white all the wayyyy!!! Wearing white in summers is anything but radical and a treat for eyes anyway. This should be your best go-to option for a casual hangout or a family get together. The most comfortable choice for a statement look couldn’t be better than a T-shirt loosely tucked in wide-leg jeans. Our Fruits print tee falls under this category which can be paired with funky accessories and sunglasses for a complete artsy fashion style in less time.

What’s cool, makes you appear chic and is easy to carry? A KIMONO!!! Just a single piece of garment with even minimal detailing always adds just the right amount of razzmatazz to a look, especially in summers. Throw any fancy kimono over your tank top and tada; you are ready for a formal dinner. Fringe Trim Paisley Embroidered Mesh Kimono paired with high waist buttoned-up jeans can easily qualify for a summer statement this year. The multi-purpose designing and less time taking effort are what we all die for, right? Keep in mind to use minimal accessories with such an embroidered kimono.



  • Pastels and floral prints: Ladies floral prints and pastel colours are all that you need this season. To kill the muggy feels; many of you would prefer to wrap a floral dress around your body. It will reflect the softness and feminine side of you. It instantly gives us a very spring vibe and reminds us of the most beautiful season of all times that enables us to ruminate about rebirth, renewal, and rejuvenation. 
  • Bohemian Styling: This is considered to be the most spectacular and evergreen styling that all women should adopt. Boho styling is easy to pull off and looks classy as ever.
  • Accessories and Bandanas:IN IN IN!!!! Summers are all about mixing and matching. Accessories defo make difference so to get a radical summer look; get your hands on the sleek accessories like bracelets or statement earrings for an entire ladylike look. Similarly, experimenting with bandanas can never go wrong. You always end up making something out of your hair. It can be a messy bun or loosely tied braid. Everything with it looks chicest like never before.


The summer statement is not confined to the right kind of clothes only. They include your hair accessories, hats, shades, jewelry, bags. These things collectively work as a compass for you to make authentic and powerful choices. Think outside the box and find your perfect fashion feet to go for. Do not label yourself; just discover yourself.




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