I know, with all these snazzy deals and sale mania going on everywhere, you might become a little bewildered about how to employ it all to the fullest and sensibly (of course). I am going to reveal the top-notch bundles for you just so you can avail all the exciting offers Negative Apparel has sent your way this season. These thrifty bundles consist of everything you need in one package and that too, at a discounted rate. How cool is that?!


Bundle dieciseis: Chicest Flow

From pastel dress to flowy pants, from mesh sleeve top to laser cuts, this bundle has it all sorted out for you to tackle heat with ultimate glam this summer. Satisfying each reservation of yours for any get-together; you can use the items included in this from low-key hangouts to semi-formal dinners.


Bundle diecisiete: Tee-Hee

None of you can possibly argue on the universal truth that T-shirts have to be a must in our summer stock. This bundle furnishes you with three unique styles of T-shirts to draw off a tasteful look. The fervent black shade or the warm white tone will make you look on point even with minimal effort.


Bundle quince: Breezy Boom


I cannot emphasize the very fact that dresses are here to stay!!! The preeminent cool and blustery feels they offer is amazing in these muggy months. This bundle consists of not one but two unique dresses. The floral printed burgundy dress is perfect for a casual chilling at a beach or a BBQ at your uncle’s place. Whereas, the bold black dress speaks for itself; wear it to office meetings or date nights and steal the show.

Bundle cinco: Sheery Laced Pack


This package offers you the most amazing stuff which you can rock on almostevery party. The sheer meshy black top is legit the best option for you this season; it invites all the attention with minimal to no designing on it. To me, laced white tops have always been nothing but the epitome of grace.  We have got that too!! With two semi-formal tops, this pack includes a casual strip crop tee for your everyday comfort.



Bundle nueve: Magnificent Kit



Reduced prices offering absolute comfort and elegance!! You all defo need to lay hands on this package. It solves all your outfit hustle bustle from morning till night time because it comes with a dress as well as loungewear! Flaunt your soft lovey-dovey side in this pastel-colored dress at any get together all day and come home to ease yourself in our satin pajama set.

Bundle cuarenta y nueve: Sublime Sheen Bundle

The idea of comfortable styling especially under lingerie section seems unreal, right? The specialty of this bundle is exactly where we are going. It offers you the complete ease and does justice with the concept of your night glam with zero efforts.  Three unique laced sheer bodysuit designs and colours that will multiply your charm; that too in a discounted price!

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