Accessorising Hair: 5 inimitable ways to dress your hair

Accessorising Hair: 5 inimitable ways to dress your hair - Negative Apparel

Have you ever woken up on one of those vile sunny mornings only to uncover that your hair is full of frizz, corkscrew curls and completely crimped and unmanageable? On such days majority of us just simply opt for throwing our hair into a messy bun and rushing out the door, but we're here to help you revolutionize your ways and liven up your hair routine!

It is convenient to get in a rut when it comes to our hair styling during such humid days but you’re lucky that we have got perfect ideas for those who lack inspiration and motivation for getting out of those mainstream ideas. ACCESSORIES, I kid you not this can be proven as a lifesaver for you. They are less time consuming and help you take the fashion and ease parallel.


Geometric Hair Clips


An lazy girl’s hack to save her day and get instantly fabulous looking hair should be geometric hair clips. With minimal effort, they have the ability to transform your hair from messy to well-sorted hair. The go-to style when it comes to metallic hair accessories should be decent and half-up hairstyles. To completely rock half-up hair with these hair clips there is no condition of thin or thick hair texture. You can loosely mid-braid your hair and tie them up with these funky hair clips or just sweep half the hair into twist using clips. Each one of you should definitely own at least 2-3 pairs of these clips!!

Dainty Hairpins

 Have a look at our delicate, dainty hairpins.

This might sound run of the mill item but it will keep your hair in place with all the necessary styling you need. These are bibelots to be treasured for eternity. You can nail the side swept hair with these hairpins or you can simply crisscross your hair with half-up, half-down styling. Such accessories will occupy very little space in your bag and will help you get rid of all your hair styling issues especially when running low on time. So girls, Stack 'em up!!

Back to School Hair Bands


I bet most of you gave it multiple thoughts before wearing hair bands because you thought they were only for school girls, right?? But you are wrong because this preppy look can make you look chicest and save all your time as well. Get your inspiration from our collection of summer hair bands. We often get static and frizzy hair in this humid weather but how to tame them is the real question. A statement hair band is transitional enough to be worn from day to night, so you don’t have to worry about your hair in this hot weather or even on a busy day. From floral twist elastic headband to snake embossed designs; you can loosely tie up your hair for amazing grip and styling with either an eastern or western attire.


Pearl Details

 I don’t think there would be any woman out there saying no to PEARLSSS!! We all know how elegant and feminine pearl detailing looks on your sweater, shirt and even in your hair too. Pearl detailing in hair can be done specifically for corporate meetings, formal lunches or dinners and also to low-key wedding events like engagements. Get your hands on our limited faux pearl decorated hairpins. You can incorporate pearl trinkets in your hair on a messy bun or loosely tied half-up hair. On events like weddings; you can add pearl accessories in your braids and you’ll be ready to go. But for that, you need to own loads of pearl accessories (obviously). We love how pearls can completely dress up and transform a look. Minimal effort with ravishing hairstyling is what you need this season ladies.

Styling with bandana


2019 is about to wrap up and we still don’t see any sign of this fashion going away. Not long ago, credible fashion designers have been incorporating bandanas gracefully in their fashion lines, blessing the runaways. Many stars have been spotted carrying this street style like never before on the streets of SoHo and Beverly Hills! Of course, now we can’t just let this funky style slide so here we are; enlightening you about the most stylish ways to wear your bandana as a hair accessory. They are multipurpose so you can either tie all your hair up in a pony and knot them up with any of our trendy pieces or hide your frizzy baby hair by covering them with it. Fold and roll your flower branch bandana to convert it into a headband, maybe a ribbon-shaped headband? I’d say that would be a classic take on this style. To rock a summer party you can tie your hair up in a sleek bun with our bright mustard chain patterned bandana. Polka dot bandanas are always in so you can go for a low loop with those designs. Just pull the bandana 2-3 times around for a perfect loop that you want and here you are, with an ideal ponytail.

Trust me, ladies, we just revealed the secret of what premier hair stylists have been styling their models with all around the world. It is exactly these coolest hair accessories we have in store. We understand you cannot always run out for a blow-dry full of volume or everyday straightening of hair. That is too much time consuming and risky for your hair care. That is why hair accessories do the job quite well keeping your hair under 100% guaranteed protection and helping your hair game stay 10/10 like always. ;)

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