Sure, shades may be the ultimate fashion article to carry with your summer statement to make you look bold and confident, but donning a pair of shades is vital for reasons that go far beyond being modern or chic. None of you would only want to snatch those biological benefits, right? We are quite certain that you all want to rock your sunglasses look and effortlessly pull off the most suitable sunglasses shape for your face.

We are going to introduce some popular face shapes and the ideal sunglasses match with them so you never mess up your shades game from now on.

Gold Frame Brown Round Lens Sunglasses

These round/circular shape of shades is known as teashades. They are an evergreen and a classic choice to go with because trust me nothing can ever get spoiled with these. Cherry on top is that doesn’t matter whether they are small or oversized frames because they always prove to be snappy and voguish. If you have got a square face or heart-shaped face then teashades are a spot-on option for you. Teashades will enhance your jawline game and brighten your features. To achieve a soft look and get that retro vibe on, you immediately need to lay your hands on these John Lennon inspired sunglasses.


Cat Eye Flat Lens Sunglasses

Before getting too deep into this product ladies, let me tell you, cat eye frame category is one of the vast ones. From some conventional 50’s swoop to wider 80’s iteration, from radically thin to sharp 90’s designs; you have a lot to choose from. But with zillion variations ranging from mega-dramatic to uber-mainstream pieces, it might become a hustle for you to explore the right shape that would flatter your face and highlight the personal taste, of course.

This vintage-inspired black cat eyed article is a unique piece that will go perfectly with your round fuller face. Women with square or triangular face shape can also pull this piece of art off as the frame will balance the features out and intensify your sleek cheekbones. The thick temple edges will help you gather everyone’s attention. 10 additional points for cat eyed design for covering a sizeable portion of our faces and protecting us against the harmful UV rays. This piece will help you in channeling your inner Audrey Hepburn. And oh also, do you know Jackie O was a huge fan of these some time ago.


Metal Frame Sunglasses

The metal frame shades always give out a very urban vibe. No matter what their shape is but they always highlight the retro feeling and helps you give the most uber-chic look. Its malleability and corrosion resistance properties makes it a must-have in your collection. You can effortlessly carry these shades to a formal outdoor meeting or even at a tedious hike. Women with an elongated forehead and sharp jawline are the ones who need to get hands-on this exquisite article of ours.

Square Frame Flat Lens Sunglasses

Any guesses who wore these unique square-shaped sunglasses? The very popular Kris Jenner and ever since she’s been in love with their shape!! She approves of it and I don’t think she has got a doubtful claim because we are gonna make you fall in love with its texture and styling. They are super functional that tend to go with oval or round shaped faces. They would complement a small forehead and will make you look groovy like never before. So ladies, I know we all want to add contrast and length to the right places (on our face); these are exactly what you’ve been looking for and they’ll do the job marvelously.


Tinted Oval Sunglasses

 I have held my horses for a pretty long time now but finally, the multifunctional shape is here!!! This casual looking yet so flattering article is all you need to ignite your inner game and boost self-esteem to the highest levels. What helps them gain the highest points is that they can go with any face shape depending upon the width and thickness of the frame. How cool, isn’t it? Their bold patterns, tinted lenses, and classic all-black designs never go out of fashion. They are the funkiest and wisest option of all times if you want to camouflage the sharp angles of your face. The choice is yours!!

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