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Heard your college is reopening soon? We know it can take a toll on your mind because new session calls for new responsibilities, double hard work and above all retaining just the right amount of ‘dress-up’ every day can be tedious in such an environment. But homies CHILL, we cannot really help you with your assignments but we can definitely make every day hurly-burly of getting ready, duck soup for you.

We have comprehended that the panic is never exactly about ‘what’ to wear but ‘how’ to carry yourself. Dressing up is not only about what you wrap up around your body. From your hairstyling to your shoe preference, from how you perambulate around your college to the confidence levels you possess while delivering a presentation; everything counts in as ‘dressing-up’. We will be breaking down some supper essential tips and tricks that can succour you in carrying yourself with adroitness and confidence.


 We all know when to wash our oily hair, when to apply dry shampoo and when to use anti-frizz conditioner, right? But the job is not completed here; in fact, it begins. All college going girls would know how big of a task it is to leave your hair untied in this muggy weather. For that matter, we am about to divulge some of the voguish accessories that will empower you to carry your Rapunzel hair gracefully and with minimal effort. You can ferret out and lay your hands on the velvety scrunchies from our collection or the trendiest barrettes for tied back hair.



 We might already have said commendatory stuff about bandanas for like a trillion times in our previous blogs but here is the thing; no one enjoys a gnarly headache after a good day at college, right? That is exactly what hairbands give you. So a sagacious choice would be to get your hands on congenial floral bandanas. Create an incredibly stylish headband out of your favorite bandana. Getting out of your bed just to see a mess out of hair is just not fair especially when you’re running low on time. But do not freak out, we got your back. The trouble-free option in such a situation is to throw your hair in a messy bun but why not give it an image like you woke up thirty minutes before class and are punctual by adding a patterned bandana into your bun.



For any college-going student; the bag is what distinguishes them from the other.. So whatever little time you are left with we would urge you invest it in buying the appropriate kind of bag for yourself. The evergreen bag in the bag market is without any doubt THE BACKPACK. Get your hands on the most spiffy and kicky backpacks. From zipper backpacks to plaid patterned backpacks are in our stock!!! They ensure a solid grip, great space and can bear all weather conditions protecting all your valuables. How amazing is that!

Many girls might not always find backpacks as the ultimate offer so we have got another eminent option for them. The tote bags are all over and have become the talk of the town. It is only because of their high-end designs, enhancing feminine touch, and an immense amount of space. Not only we can brag about their comfort and durability but cherry on the top, they simply fall under aesthetics!!!



 Last but not the least, your designer outfit, your branded sneakers, your pretty accessory collection or even your unique bag designs fail to get you a remarkable spot in college unless you don’t carry confidence with you. With your low self-esteem game; these all tips and tricks are inutile and good-for-nothing. So before you head out for your first day at college, make sure to muster up some confidence and boost your productivity so that you know how to grab everyone’s attention.

You no longer have to go through the panic attacks of how to dress-up, you do not have to put your whole wardrobe upside down just to find THE MOST APPROPRIATE outfit. With a little effort anyone can pull off a lekker and an irie vibe outfit for their college. This blog will guide you with what is the most vital part of starting a freshman year and how you can minimize your nervousness level by adhering to some very elementary and painless tips. So, girls, the ball is in your court. Hope you learn the tricks soon!!!

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