WORK IT OUT: Free and Innovative Ways to Improve Your Fitness

WORK IT OUT: Free and Innovative Ways to Improve Your Fitness - Negative Apparel

 (Make yourself stronger than your excuses!)


January went by in a flash? February passed you by? March has been quite hectic to follow this year’s resolution, right? But it’s never too late, you can still get your fitness game back because WE ALL realize how important it is? By fitness, the typical mind instantly refers to the gym!!! But ladies, on the flip side staying fit is not always about hitting the gym.  

Women's fitness seem to have different meanings for women in general. While most women know that exercise produces a favorable result, some of us are so busy with daily chores, family, work and careers, that we have very little time to relax and for physical activity.

For a long time, females dieted to lose weight and most exercises they got came from chasing their kids to feed or to run towards the kitchen in order to complete daily chores. Today, ladies are starting to consider fitness and exercise an imperative part of staying fit. As data winds up accessible about the advantages of exercise and the perils of an inactive way of life, women are giving close consideration and doing something about it. They are making fitness a higher need in their lives.



Ever heard of mindful eating? That is exactly what most of the women lack today. It is about maintaining a sound relationship with the food. It conveys your consciousness and attention to the food you're consuming. This practice encourages you to enjoy your food in a healthy way and feel more satisfied. Usually, you may be watching television or eating in a rush. This can prompt unhealthy habits, for example, overeating and mindless eating. There are so many advantages of incorporating mindfulness in your existing routine. It enables to reduce psychological distresses like stress, eating disorders and depression. Rather than avoiding these unwanted feelings, it helps us become conscious of them so that we learn to manage them.

One of the BIGGEST MISTAKE a lady can make is skipping supper, especially breakfast. Ladies!! You wouldn’t want an unhappy and unhealthy start to the day. A good breakfast works as a booster for your energy levels. It can keep you as agile as possible and you’ll notice a clear difference in your productivity levels. Also, trust me, it won’t make you fat, so stop fearing!



From increased strength to flexibility to heart health, you all need to roll out your mats today. Yoga has always been the most effective technique which is now gaining population among masses. Due to its convenience and easiness, women like you can easily practice it at home. I know how difficult it becomes for a housewife to leave her house and that too JUST FOR YOGA CLASSES??? In spite of yoga being fundamental for our body, going out for it despite everything it remains an extravagant luxury. It will take away all your stress and worries in no time and leave you zestful. Yoga helps us realize that staying healthy is not just physically but mentally as well and that is why it directly impacts your brain and soul.



Lastly, something we all are quite aware of but become too lazy to actually execute is, GYM GYM AND GYM!!!! Staying physically fit helps to strengthen the heart, respiratory and mental functions. Again, I completely understand that women are busier today than ever and many may think they don’t have time for exercise. 30 minutes of exercise daily is all it takes to stay healthy and in shape. You don’t have to spend hours at the gym—just commit to exercising at least 30 minutes a day and reap the full benefits of fitness.

The choice of your outfit can have a huge impact on your mood once you’re done with yoga or exercise. Since after your workout you’re in sweat you will be needing something that can evaporate or ‘wick’ away from the sweat. Fitted and stretchy fabrics are the most sensible choice to go for before starting your workout. Just in case you’re wondering where to get them from, WE'VE OUR STOCKS FILLED WITH THEM!!! ;)

 It’s still not late, choose wisely for yourself.

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fitness is so important, gotta get in shape, loved this!!!!! so motivational

April 8, 2019 at 01:13am

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