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A voyage of self-discovery

42-degree centigrade outside and she is working in the kitchen near a scorching stove. Layers of sweat, dirt, and weariness noticeable all over her. The eyes that were wandering all around the kitchen all of a sudden, fixated on the heaps of books filled with dust and faded letters at the corner with the waste paper. At that point the tears don't stream anymore, she says it’s the regret that's eating her from within, in light of the fact that she couldn't stand up for herself and do what should have been done when it was the ideal time.



Have you ever experienced the roar of empowered women? The way Sushma Swaraj held her head high in the United Nations Security Council and spoke out loud fearlessly, or the way Tarana Burke stood up for women all across the globe and founded the #MeToo movement despite living in a patriarchal world. That’s what each one of you is capable of, not just adhering to the kitchen and making curry for your husband!!!!!!

I know you want a story of your own. I know you want to be heard. First, as foolish as it may sound; WHO AM I? The answer to this question can undoubtedly send shivers down your spine because it would reflect the truest image of yourself. The soul which is so perfectly concealed in fear, terror, hopelessness, burden, underestimation, and complexes. One thing I have realized is that the journey is not merely of self-awareness, but about finding your inner self and unchaining the shackles.

Women who set out on a voyage of self-exploration, routinely do so in light of the fact that they are battling or intending to offer fundamentally to the mundane, or to their agony up until this point. So, this course of action isn't just about unveiling what has been concealed but is tied in with healing, progressing and accepting. Now, you do acknowledge why SELF-DISCOVERY IS CRUCIAL, isn't that so?

A woman can be SO MUCH!!. The strength she holds in her eyes and feet collectively can restore lives only if she lets her wings spread. The remarkable ladies like Rosa Parks, Mary Wollstonecraft, and Josephine Baker are the EPITOME of courage. If these women can stand up for themselves and others 20-30 years ago then why cannot a woman of the 21st century do that, who is rather well equipped than the bygone eras????? We do realize how women have to follow a set pattern for the duration of their lives and abide by everything the society requests which makes us question the idea of equality.

But ladies, we need to realize that the choices and decisions we make today will have repercussions tomorrow. So what's the point of suppressing your talents and desires because nobody supports your cause. Do you truly think a woman like you even needs validation from someone else? Just look at yourself. Discover What you're really made of and how much of intellect, talent, bravery, and strength is hidden within you. You can be a musician, artist, teacher, marketing manager, singer, doctor, model, social activist and much more. Then why isolate yourself within four walls.

Standing up against the norms and the standards set by the society will not bring shame to your family or make you a rebel. In fact, self-discovery is going to be a beautiful eye-opener for you. You will see the world and yourself in a completely new, unique and optimistic perspective. Don't you feel the need to jewel your reality with inspiration. For once see life as it is and just live for yourself.

This process of unveiling yourself is much the same as choreography, a flawlessly orchestrated melodic of time, events, emotions, and desires. It is a ceaseless lifetime performance that we will always work on to perfect as we evolve, discover and become better. If perceived in this manner, I don't think any woman on earth would want to go against the idea of self-discovery. Listen to your inner voice, take hold of the steering wheel to discover how fascinating the rhythm of life is. It will help you meet a new you. Amazing, no?

In the end, I will tell you a trick to embrace the idea of self-discovery which is to bridge the gap simply between how you want things to be and how things are!!! This is the only way YOU, beautiful woman, will come out of your shell and have your voice heard in every corner of the world.

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