Top Handbag Trends to Invest in Right Now

Top Handbag Trends to Invest in Right Now - Negative Apparel


When the summer season arrives, it's time to adopt the most fashionable attire and rethink all your arm candies to give you a much needed look. While you might think that the quickest way to appear fashionable for the new season is by having a fresh capsule wardrobe, the key is to accessorize with fresh stuff. From the top shoe trends to the latest summer dress ideas, the easiest way to give you a directional feel and a well-thought-out attire is by going for the right kind of accessories i.e ladies’ handbags. As for a classy look, you don't always have to spend a fortune on branded bags for women, but just look for them in the right place at the best possible price. 

Other than the latest handbag trends of 2022, what's more, important is the texture such as crochet, weaves, or fish-net style; embellished details like fringes or cuts, and colours of course. This brings our focus to the latest and most talked about online shopping venture "Negative Apparel".

A good handbag or branded purse for women is a wardrobe essential but the colour, design, and cut will differ by the occasion and your sense of style. If you like to keep all your essential items packed with you all the time, a tote bag is what you need. Whereas wanting a hands-free experience, you'd need to look out for a cross-body bag. While most women's designer handbags set the trends in the market, you can look out for the same designs elsewhere. However, investing in a good quality handbag is important so that it lasts a lifetime. 

Below, we have suggest some trendiest handbag options to invest right now

Party bags

The fashion runways are always about glitz and glamour. When it comes to party bags, you can elevate your look with branded bags for women with embellishments such as rhinestones, metallic finishes, pearls, sequence, or embroidery. Adding such sparkly statement bags to your overall look will take your look to the next level. If you are wondering what kind of clutch or handbag to pair with your wedding outfit, you can navigate through Negative Apparels’ collection of party bags. Be a show stopper with one of these sparkly branded handbags online from Dubai, via Negative Apparel only. 


Another flashy handbag trend for 2022 is going big! A tote bag is not just a fashion statement but very convenient if you're a low-maintenance kind of lady. If you don't like to travel light and want to carry all your stuff with you and have all-time access then a tote bag is just meant for you. With western handbags like a tote, they provide ample space to stash all your essentials, your makeup, notepad, accessories, and a lot more. At negative Apparel, you can choose from various sizes and colours to match your everyday work outfit, or college to make a fashion statement. 

Chain Details

Bring some substance and drama to your collection of handbags and clutches with details such as chunky chains. They can be seen on fashion runways and all branded stores right now. To achieve such a perfect look you don't necessarily have to look around for expensive designer handbags online and just pick something of your taste with chain straps or flaps. The chain trend has been around for quite some time and can be seen in various shades like gold, silver, and plastic material in vivid colours. To create a bold look you can wear such women's handbags & purses with strong flashy prints or against neutral tones or solid colours.

Crochet textures bags

Carrying a crochet handbag is a huge trend for 2022, so gear up with this look for cute attire. This bohemian style is a surefire way to add instant summer vibes to your look, giving us a dreamy and beachy look at the same time. At Negative Apparel, you can shop for just the right kind of crochet ladies’ handbag online for an accurate bold, and eclectic look. You can carry a crochet bag with a minimally printed outfit or best to wear it with denim mom jeans, letting the bag itself take the center stage. Texture is everything this year and we expect to see more of these bags in various styles and sizes to create a perfect contrast. 

Mini bags

Mini bags are quite a rage this year. On one end we are seeing everyone carry big bags like totes, meanwhile, on the other end, fashionistas are also embracing mini bags, to carry just a little more than your phone. These mini western purses are just the right size to carry alongside to a party or just carry like arm candy. They are currently available on Negative Apparel's website in various colours, like pastel pink, which is a great way to welcome the summer season. These branded handbags online at Negative Apparel give a retro feel while giving a designer style at a nominal price. These miniature women bags online are loved by everyone as they are ideal for keeping personal belongings in the hand and secure at the same time.

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