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Stylish jeans bottoms wear for ladies - Negative Apparel

There comes a time when you just loathe your existing pair of jeans. For some reason, the existing pair of jeans just doesn’t vibe with the current fashion trends. This means you need a new collection of Best women’s jeans. Luckily, you have come to the right place to buy ladies’ jeans that are not only trendy and high-fashion, but are of high quality and worth every penny. 

Channel your inner diva and don't limit yourself to only one pair of lousy jeans. Negative Apparel is on its mission to bring style and class to people's life. At Negative Apparel, every article is independently selected by the editors, and we only feature products that you will love as much as we do!

The denim fever

The first ever denim style women jeans designed by Levis is loved by people till now. Even after 150 years, the denim style is in high demand, with a twist of statement-making trends, inspired by the '70s; i.e. high-waist, and wide-legged. With almost halfway through 2022, we all must now gear up for fashion trends of 2023, and skinny jeans are certainly not the way to start your year. 

We have some sassiest pairs of jeans stocked up for you in our summer collection. Sometimes, all you need is a perfect pair of denim jeans for women for everything else in your closet to make more sense. It is vital to invest in the right pair of jeans as they can either make or break your look instantly. So here are some jeans styles that we have picked out for you to try on this summer season to look chic and cool as ever.  

High Rise-Wide legged jeans

jeans for women

If you aim to look for comfort and style both in a pair of jeans then "high-rise wide-legged" jeans are the solution. High waisted jeans with wide-leg women bottoms silhouette gives enough coverage, especially for the upcoming colder days. At the same, it also offers enough room for air making it breathable for hot sunny days. At Negative Apparel, you can easily shop for this look, and pair it with a loose t-shirt or crop top depending on the occasion you're headed to.  We bet you'd achieve an effortless look in just a couple of seconds by dressing up in one of these. 

Neutral-toned jeans for women

Best jeans for women

Lately, the trend of wearing natural sandstone or off-white coloured straight-leg jeans is gaining quite some popularity. The overall look becomes quite appealing when you pair any top with neutral-toned jeans pants for women. It is quite important to note the feel of the jeans before you buy them, other than the rigid yet appealing look of the pair. You should always opt for off-white or sandstone-shaded denim pants for women that are stretchable, as no one likes to dress up in heavy jeans that aren't breathable and pinch in all the wrong places. This style of jeans can be easily paired with a button-down shirt or even a short-length kimono or kaftan for a boho-inspired look.  Remember ladies: a good pair of women jeans can instantly make all your other pieces of outfit feel fresh and cool again.  

Raw hem jeans

high rise jeans

Paying attention to tiny details while selecting pants for women can be a game-changer! Be it the shade, cut, pockets, embellishments or the exposed hemlines of jeans, it can elevate your look if you happen to pick the right style of denim for women. at Negative Apparel, you'd find these statement-worthy raw hem finishing jeans in various colours and styles to complete your look. We'd suggest you complete your look by pairing polished staples like a shrug, blazer, a chunky belt or mules for a chic style. 

Baggy jeans

high waisted jeans for women

You must be wondering where the article mentions skinny jeans. Well, sweeties, 2022-2023 is all about ditching those unwanted tight jeans. Let us burst your bubble just in case you had high hopes of having those skinny women jeans back in fashion. Ladies, it's high time that you accept the fact that these old-style jeans are not going to make their way back soon. Almost all leading brands, and now at Negative Apparel, you'd witness a versatile collection of baggy jeans. Fashion runways have showcased various styles like baggy, relaxed denim pants for women etc. 

Baggy jeans don’t necessarily mean to give casual vibes. This is where the barrel-leg jeans play their part. They are tailored to look chic and the side stitching on the jeans gives a defined curvy silhouette. You can wear them with breezy tops and blouses and block heels for the perfect night-out look. 

The straight-cut pants

Straight Leg Jeans

If you have a lean body structure and want to add some curves and definition to your overall look, then straight-leg jeans are your thing! With these pants, you can now give yourself comfort and style both at the same time. At Negative Apparel, you'd be surprised to know that we have plenty of colours to offer in this style along with various cuts. So you can now choose from plenty of different styles like straight cut, or mid-rise and likewise. These jeans are perfect for everyday wear and even for achieving an effortless, casual yet comfortable attire in the workplaces. 

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