IFTAR LOOKBOOK: Ramadan Ready With Negative Apparel

IFTAR LOOKBOOK: Ramadan Ready With Negative Apparel - Negative Apparel
Iftar at Ali chacha’s place, invite Zubaida khala for sehri, outdoor BBQ for office colleagues after iftar, attend iftar at Fatima phupho’s house and the list never stops!!!
 Huge families and big social circle sounds fun until you have to plan tons of meet ups every other day and attend several iftar and sehri parties. Ramadan is the time to reflect upon yourself and of renewal, the time to reconnect with people and spend time on numerous gatherings with the loved ones. But there’s a high chance that the scorching May sun, muggy evenings, and the oppressive humidity may bring the worst out of you, especially when you are stressing out about reforming your wardrobe to ameliorate its condition and make it according to the themes of Holy month. Ramadan in summers is the time when you need things that are breezy and light to carry so you do it with all ease. Here we are again, with our few tips and tricks that will help you stay in the limelight through your outfits, YES just the outfits!
Nothing beats modernity combined with modesty and grace, right? That is exactly how our iftar looks are for you. Whimsical, flowy dresses are what you really need in your wardrobe.They radiate a demeanor of tastefulness and returns you to an era where you can relate yourself to one of the members of Downtown Abbey. That would be something you can enjoy wearing after Ramadan as well. This is the kind of dress that goes with your western mind as well as our societal norms. Amazing, no?

Boho chic dresses or floral prints will help you gain the attention and confidence of your hosts. Imagine wearing flower print drawstring waist button dress from our collection. After having a tiresome day in fast, this outfit will be very refreshing for you and the ones who look at you.


If you want to lean towards a look that will help you go to an iftar party directly from office, black/white pants can be paired with our polka dot shirts. This will not only give you a corporate look but will also distinguish you at the iftar from all the mainstream outfits.
I think it’s without saying, we all know how much effort lady of the house has to put in when she’s hosting any gathering. Preparing iftar since asar, experiencing blistering heat of the stove, and drenched in the sweat. Considering the situation, imagine how uncomfortable it would be for her to work in dupatta and kameez or flowy dresses. For that matter, you girls can always go for something that is convenient, light and novel to carry.  This time try any calico printing top or ditsy floral surplice tops with jeans. Simple yet decent to wear! I am sure you will rock the look with absolute effortlessness.
We all would enjoy something loose to wear on sunny days and humid evenings, right? Skirts work as a life saver in that regard. Long, balletic lowers with almost any top can make you appear chic and fulfil the requirement of attending a sehri or iftari.
We often run short on time during this Holy month due to our busy schedules when we have to wind up everything before magrib, it can be quite hectic to manage. But don’t worry! Negative apparel got it all sorted for you. Kimono is the type of garment that can easily be worn on almost anything. You’re wearing white T-shirt with jeans and running late for an iftar, no worries. Wear our fancy floral kimono on it and ta-daaaa!!!!!!! Outfit transformation within no time. Subtle pleated pants with short shirts can also save your day because they won’t even need ironing, thus time saved. YASSS!
 It’s always cool to think out of the box and come up with ideas that will make you center of the attention and especially when those  ideas are providing you with 100% ease, that’s cherry on top. Unconventional outfits for Ramadan that will neither upset anyone nor they’ll suppress the essence of ‘fashion and style’ are what you exactly need. Since, this year everyone in Ramadan is going to be super occupied with their jobs; from students to working women, from housewives to teenage girls. So these sassy ideas will enable you to remain cheeky and exquisite simultaneously. Just rehash your wardrobe and utilize single piece with multiple stuff and appear as modest as you can throughout Ramadan.

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