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Ever thought what a woman can be if she is supported, uplifted and encouraged for who she is and what she wants? There is something about a woman who is bold, brave and beautiful at the same time


Stop being so bold! Can you act lady-like? 
Your opinion doesn’t matter. You cannot pursue this. You’re too young to wear red lip color! YOU CANNOT TAKE YOUR LIFE DECISIONS ….!!! You must have heard these sentences numerous times in life.

Why does "Being BOLD" has to be an insult for a women?

Bold was never about being outspoken, explicit and vulgar in any terms. BOLD is unapologetically BEING YOU. Being bold means to plant the necessary seeds of an I-CAN attitude. Have the self- confidence and celebrate Individuality, resilience, courage and confidence.

People will try to put you down, not once, NOT TWICE but every time you will rise for yourself because you are UNSTOPPABLE. Unstoppable because you’re being bold, dauntless and audacious. Knowing yourself, weighing your worth, carrying courage and confidence in your heart is what makes you bold.

If you’re authentic, you learn from failures, are never afraid to speak up and take a stand for the right cause. We all realize it is not always easy to choose being bold and go against the norms set in our society. 


Here’s to bold women, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.


Remember the protagonist lead of ‘Pride and Prejudice’; Lizzie Bennett who even in her blindest moments was a very strong-headed and an unfailing smart person who knew what she wants. Despite dwelling in an unfair world; she never stopped announcing her thoughts and being vocal about what she felt needed a voice. Women in past have led armies and empires!! How fascinating that is, no? From Cleopatra to Margaret Thatcher, from Isabella of Spain to Jinga Mbandi.


Why wouldn’t the girls of contemporary era want to be brave just like these remarkable women? As you grow older, you come to realize that the levels of bravery or courage one has for themselves is correlated to the level of admiration one has for themselves. The more you love yourself, the more bravery you will show in trying new things and taking risks in life. We often think bravery is just to make unexpected happen but in real it is as simple as cleaning the dust off from your fears and stepping forward.

Being brave simply is being aware of what you want. Brave people only respond to one voice and that is the voice that comes from within. Trusting yourself and your instincts more than you trust the crowd is BRAVERY. Bravery is more than just courage. It requires flexibility, persistence, and resilience. Being Brave isn't only about heroic acts in unusual situations. It can also be as simple as the risk of trying something new. Embrace and being brave.



“It is tough to be a trailblazer and to be on the front end on a regular, ongoing basis, but somebody’s got to do it.”  



We millennial have entirely ruined the concept of ‘Beautiful’. Have you ever felt and embraced the feeling of comfort and confidence in your skin? If yes, then that is beautiful, that is what makes you beautiful. It is as simple as that. Being beautiful includes owing yourself where no single person can point out the changes or things you need to add on within yourself


The moment we start placing our value in our appearances we start cheapening the essence of what it is to be a woman. You have the craziest laugh? Laugh it out loud, you want to eat the third plate gulab jamuns? Grab it without giving it a second thought, you want to cover your head with a hijab over a T-shirt and jeans? Do that without hesitation!!! Because this is what makes you beautiful and distinguishes between you and an ordinary girl who is too afraid to flaunt what her real self is. Our human race has exploited the originality of beauty and made it way too complex. When in reality it is just to accept yourself and be happy with little or no efforts artificially invested in yourself.


 Adorn yourself with strength, courage, confidence, and grace instead of fancy stuff and jewels and you are already beautiful. CONFIDENCE is BEAUTIFUL. No matter your SIZE, No matter your WEIGHT. BE CONFIDENT IN WHO YOU ARE AND YOU WILL BE A #BeautifulYou

                    “Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain….”




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