It is surely mentally exhausting when you are running short on time but have to look presentable for the rest of the day. The struggle women like us go through every day to stay classy while managing all their time is what we are aware of. Is there an easy way to look sassy in the most basic outfit? Of course, there is!!!! We brought some top-notch accessories to the table for you to jazz-up your everyday outfit. Accessories are going to work as the icing of the cake, no matter what you are going to wear.


Scarves aren’t something that only European women carry with panache but it is considered as a style statement across the globe. The silk scarf is a reflection of high-end fashion and grace that serves as the focal point of an outfit. Our vast collection of scarves can fulfill your desire of looking uber-chic with minimal effort.

You have already seen a plethora of stripes on shirts but this time it is on bandanas and scarves. The vertical striped print twilly scarf is what you can carry on your basic plain white tee. Its dazzling designing will speak for itself.

Another classic styling is when you add a scrunchie scarf in your hair and tie them up in a loose ponytail or low pulled back bun. Our floral white calico scrunchie scarf will suit perfectly with any of your outfits.



Nothing can beat the elegance of delicate and appealing necklaces that help you glam-up your whole look with putting zero efforts in. The small detailing and gold trims will elevate your ordinary outfit and give an effortless tone to your look. The lion head pendant layered chain necklace from our collection can go with almost any of your outfit and will look super modern.

For those who prefer single chain necklaces, we have got one for you as well to stand out among the crowd. The faux pearl & bead detail chain necklace should be taken as a piece of art that will enhance your neckline and make you look kicky.




It is very rare for women to talk about this timeless piece of accessory but it should be considered a wardrobe staple. Plain, wide, skinny, shiny, leather or other fabric acts as the polisher of your outfit. Belts break the flow of your outfit and draw attention to your separates.

Those who want to gain attention while looking simple; you need to lay your hands on our leopard pattern buckle belts. You can carry these belts on simple tees and jeans to create a style statement.

Retro vibes are always in. This flower embroidery retro belt is what you can throw on your plain white or black dress to make it look uber-chic. This will give a complete look to your very basic outfit within no time.



From your funky cross body bags to tote bags that reflect sheer grace; ya’ll ladies need to carry one with you always. Whether it is a formal gathering, university class, or a casual meet-up, a handbag falls under the essentials.

Carry our chevron stitch PVC chain cross body bag on any of your plain shirts and pants to grab all attention. Its royal color and unique designing doesn’t allow you to put more effort.

Pink and pastels are evergreen hues, especially for OUR BABES ;) .Our favorite tote bag with 2pcs clutch adds a spiffy look to your overall outfit. Be it a t-shirt, a plain dress, or any top, this bag will make any of your ordinary outfits look special.

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