Denim Closet: Revival of ole’ denim jackets

Denim Closet: Revival of ole’ denim jackets - Negative Apparel

Keeping up with the ever-changing trends of fashion can become the humdrum of your life; each season introduces a new color, style, and silhouette. With such a pace, it is almost impossible to come across an item in your wardrobe that genuinely stands the test of time. This makes us wonder, is there any item on earth that not only works season after season but also year after year? Ladies, behold that denim jacket!!! It has proved to be the ultimate wardrobe staple over the years. Perfect for transitional weather, this outerwear staple adds an effortlessly cool layer to any outfit. Style it with sweaters, dresses, or even jeans for a denim on denim look—the styling possibilities are pretty much endless. Since you can never go wrong with a classic denim jacket, we have gathered some best of the best denim pieces from our collection.



Most of the time, when we are running low on time, the ideal thing to do is to throw a good ole’ denim jacket on a black pair of jeans. This enables you to create an effortless look within no time. You can wear it on a white or black turtleneck to beat the cool breeze of approaching season.



Looking for something that can fulfill your fashion quest and provide you with full comfort and warmth this November? Lay your hands on our faux shearling lined denim jacket and pair it with your plain white T-shirt or any lining shirt for a 10/10 look. Denim hoods are now becoming a thing, this season they are in!!! Our 2 in 1 ribbed knit trim hooded denim jacket is a very sporty piece for all lively girls out there.



Sequins and embroidery enhance the entire look of any dress. These following jackets are a lot more premium than what their look is suggesting. Stuff your wardrobe with our distressed contrast sequins denim jacket and ripped embroidery back denim jacket for any semi-formal gathering. Throw these on a flowy dress with less detailing and you are good to go!!!




The darker hues and emo looks are what the majority craves for in the winter season. For someone who is all about streamlined cuts and silhouettes, then you should grab a pair of skinny black jeans and top it with our denim ring detail dual pocket jacket. Our black wash ripped raw hem denim jacket can also serve the purpose. Either wear it with white pants or denim jeans with a dress shirt. It would be sleek enough to take you from work to weekend.



A chilly evening with your old comrades or a date night with your beloved, you need not worry about the hassle of dealing with pastels. Pastel colors are always spreading a vibe of elegance and enhancing softness around. Our rips detail boyfriend denim jacket in light pink tone can be worn with any of your casual T-shirt or even with a long skirt. Similarly, to create an aura of grace and warmth, you should get your hands on our ripped frayed hem denim jacket. It will look absolutely amazing on blue jeans.

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