Blink Wink Glimmer 2020

Blink Wink Glimmer 2020 - Negative Apparel

Bonjour! As 2020 has hit our doors in all its pomp and glory, we wish our valuable customers a very happy and blessed new year. That being said, how are you all planning to keep up with this endless party season? It’s not just the new year, it’s the new decade as well so you might want to take your glitzy glam game a few notches high. Trust us, it’s their game plan! But it ain’t gonna stress our Queens out as they have got us! Yes, you heard it right. This season we are packed with our magnificient steal-the-show sequin stock and just to let you know “Girl, it’s Blinding”. Glitters, shimmers, sparkles are said to be a woman’s best friend. No surprises there. Be it our regular or festive make up look, outfit or footwear, we like to add a hint of glimmer to it. Sequins have been a major fashion extravaganza since 60s and it has still managed to captivate the heart of every charmer. Models, actresses, musicians, businesswomen, politicians, you name them and they’ve all owned multiple classic shimmery sequins for their special occasions in their wardrobe. So integrating the touch of ultra-modern spark with oldschool vibes, we’ve loaded our new stock fastidiously to make our divas the star of the party! I know you all are already dancing on your tippie toes with excitement. Okay let us pose a few jawdropping looks for you to choose what’s made for you!


Peeps, chances of us getting carried away talking about our puff sleeve sequin mesh top are ridiculously acute. It’s just that mouthwatering! Wear this show stopper at any night event and you’ll end up hypotising people around you. We told you we’ll get carried away! It’s reflective black sequin full top coverage with puffy mesh sleeves will keep you and your company making trips to Laland the whole time.  Pair it with this elastic waist pleated midi skirt to enter the absolute regal zone. Voila, me gusta!

Time to serve a cass and comfort sparkly apparel, take a good look at this awe-striking stunner distressed contrast sequins denim jacket. Comfy enough to rock any time of the year, charismatic enough to give you more reasons to carry yourself with elan wherever you go. Combo it with our pearl beaded front jeans to align this attire with a youthful, boho, bold and flashy vibe. Let us ensure you, with this look you’ll be making new cool buddies at the speed of light.

Next up is our too good to be true notch collar mesh sleeve button front dress. To get into to the deets of this item, it stirs class, formality, boss attitude yet throws in a clue of femininity by tagging up with it’s gorgeous mesh sleeves. This article is so heavenly dynamic and appealing, it’ll earn you a big “yes” from the style gurus around. Wait up, we ain’t done yet. How about adorning it ahead? Add a flattering layer to this dress by putting on this rhinestone embellished tights.  Woman! You already look like an A lister!        

Sequin pants are all the rave lately. When you compliment your body proportion by keeping the bottom end blinking and the top end non reflective , it causes a debate. Oh the good one! Allow us to display our sequin flare leg pants and make you the center of attention of just about any party. Top it up with this splendid allover star print surplice shirred blouse to take the ensemble from the formal edge to the more party, light and bright, happy times vibes!

Want to make a superstar statement? Here’s our helpful guide. Make this mock-neck exaggerate ruffle trim wide leg jumpsuit an eccentric part of your closet. This flamboyant jumpsuit is the epitome of grace and elegance. I know it’s hard to resist this one. The highlight of this jumpsuit is it’s beautiful exaggerated waterfall ruffle trim. People will never stop talking about your high fashion sense once they’ll see you in this jumpsuit. Ah, how about accessorizing it? We know what you want so here’s the package. Add in the dynamics by wearing this smashing coin pendant faux pearl & chain layered necklace. On this bright red mock neck this necklace will stand out perfectly. Hey we noticed your other arm looks a little empty. Put on our leaf & chain decor arm bracelet there. The charm of this bracelet will never disappoint you, we solemnly swear.  

We can never overlook the need to update our accessories collection especially for this grand decade opening year. Grab our faux pearl decor bakerboy hat as soon as you can to project any outfit with this point item. This hat spices up your look with solid outline while it’s big pearls décor tops it with unconventional styling ethics. Moving on, belts can be a game changer and no one can deny that. Beautify your dresses, jackets or coats with it any season of the year and you won’t regret ending up having your own belt closet. They are just that important! Here, how do you find our faux pearl dexor buckle skinny belt? Isn’t it everything you want in a belt? It’s trim look with pearls décor can make any woman’s heart flutter. Lastly we picked these bold and eye-catching chunky frame sunglasses. How could we miss sunglasses from this list? These sunglasses are for our poised Queens to gleam on with their positive, resilient and uplifting shades of womanhood!

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