Animals taking not just over the jungle, but the fashion world!


Embrace your wild side-time to rule the fashion jungle!

New year new me? Might not be the same as your gym resolutions because animal print is once again, on the stay for this decade. Haven’t we all been previously tied up in position where we don’t know how to successfully carry winter bold prints looking chic simultaneously? My lovelies, worry no more. Just snuggle up by the heaters in your furry warm blanket sipping heart-warming hot coco because sis, we gotchu. So what if the decade started with WW3 news, not all things bad this year.


Have you had those parties where you don’t have to be extra with frills and satin but need to make a statement? Our Mock-neck Snake Print Fitted Tee is all what you need for those casual yet formal hangouts as this suffices for all. Pair the tee with leather black pants or skirt with some thigh high heels and some more leather jacket for that party, getting that head turner game on. Or maybe some blue mom or high-waisted jeans with white sneakers for that casual look. This is a must for not just the coming winters, my love but as long this fashion lasts and seeing the track record of it, we’re guessing it stays.


The only snakes we’re getting hold of this decade! With the dominance and qualification of snake print in to the new decade, we have an abundance of styling options for you. Had those all black outfit kinda days where it still seems too monotonous or bland? This baby right here is what elevates that whole black look and takes it to the Oscars.Pair our black Lace Halter Top with black fur, pants and heels and throw in the right kind of snake- our Snake Print Twist Lock Chain Bag!

We’re roaring because we speak leopard. We know you all you want for Christmas is black, but look aside as we won’t say no to color this winter. We’re pairing our Leopard print scarf not just with white tee, trench coat, jeans and heels, we’re also carrying this with a monotone eastern outfit! It stays over the seasons because let’s face it, it’s that versatile!

How to save yourself from the numbing winters and looking sassy at the same time? Pair our Leopard Pattern Fluffy Baseball Cap with these Classic corduroy Dual Pocket Jacket to get that classy yet comfortable travel-look ready! Oh and of course we’re totally obsessing the idea of all leopard theme outfit so how cute is that leopard animated tee with blue denim and sneakers.

We’re talking comeback of leopard coats and what other way to pair it than the classic! White cropped top turtle neck goes oh-so-well with our Leopard coat paired with our ripped denim makes your statement turn in to a fashion one!


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robert hathaway
February, 21. 2020

im a transgender and love what i saw in the inermet

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