We're writing this for you

We're writing this for you - Negative Apparel

We’re writing this for you, the beautiful woman behind the screen reading this article. This is solely written for you. You might be a student or an attendant in a supermarket or working in a bank or an athlete or a pilot. Wearing western is more than a necessity to you than a choice. We know how hard society makes it for you, so we’re writing this for you. Western outfit  makes you look more practical and appropriate for your work. If given a choice, you would still choose to wear western. But the sad reality is that it isn’t “you choice” because the Pakistani society doesn’t let women choose for themselves. All the woman surviving in our society suffer from this, you’re all being Judged by your appearance and that too not in terms of how well dressed you are but how much of your body is covered. Gone are the days when this stereotype of society was defended in the name of dignity and honor. There is no honor and dignity in oppression. Yes, lets name this behavior of our society what it actually is; “Oppression.” By now, you must be wondering why a clothing outlet is worried about your choice of how you want to appear in the society.  We’ll clothing has a great symbolic significance and for any reform and revolution “symbols” play a great role.  If used rightly, they might also turn tables.  Our outlet is not just any other outlet selling western apparels, what we want to give away with out outfits is a sense of awareness that you’re all free to wear what you want. You’re all free to express yourself through your beauty. You’re all free to look classy, practical and professional through western clothing. We might ask our society that when all the official departments of our country, like military, sports, saloons and even small supper stores have their uniforms for women in western clothing, what stops us from believing and accepting it as more practical dress up? What makes the society gaze at women wearing western from head to toe? When will the society break the rigid idea of mixing cultural difference with Islamization  and imposing it on the women in the name of honor and dignity? Maybe it never will unless it is shown why it should be and how it can be done and all of you beautiful and strong women out there are supposed to do that by breaking the chains and crossing the barriers of society that it has set for women. Don’t let the society objectify you. Don’t let the society make you hate your origin, use your culture and traditions to draw more strength from them instead of letting it oppress you.  This is the time to unite and defy all the dress codes society has for women. Just like you don’t have power over any man, no man has a power over you. You were born as a different individual and given a life of your own for a reason and that is to live it your way, choose for yourself. So choose, because you have a choice.


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