“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” transpires during the autumn as the leaves start to alter colors and fall. Change, maturity, aging, dullness, sadness and gloomy decline is how we often remember autumn. You don’t have to put an extra brick of thoughts on your mind to feel eerie fall vibe because the atmosphere pretty much plays a colossal role in doing it already.

But you can always play with colors and add a reviving touch to your surroundings by introducing loud or low-key fancy stuff that will highlight your youthful presence. Start with imagining the sensuous tones of dazzling spectacle of a Caribbean sunset or a Mediterranean vineyard; these all fall under autumn tones!!!

 A burst of lively inspiration is all that we are offering for you to reboot your overall look this dry season.

Be bold and get started now!!!



With changing seasons, change your beauty trends as well and go a little bold this time. While there are almost trillion or zillions of lip shades out there but the real task is to find one that goes with your appearance. Whether you want to keep a natural warm tone or fine wine shade for your lips, nothing can go wrong this fall. In order to get your lips talking, you should apply a thick coating of oxblood shade and keep the rest of the makeup minimal. This will give an instant audacious attraction to your whole face. The dark fantasies like maroon, burgundy, mahogany, currant, and wine are the hottest hues that you should pick and go brave.

To shine bright this fall, you can also lay your hands on shimmery rosy or peachy gloss that will instantly illuminate your personality. A single coating would be enough to make your lips hydrated and gleam. So ladies, get your own glow in this dull season.



The endless versatility that silk scarves have to offer is what you’re going to experience this season. Throwing a vibrant, classy scarf on your basic black t-shirt will be a huge retro take and you won’t regret carrying it that way. A knot in French style is what elegance looks like or a funky spark ignites when you tie a cowgirl knot and experiment with vivid neon colors to stand out among the crowd. If you are tired of knots then you can just loosely throw a scarf around your shoulders. A plain white outfit will definitely complement a hot pink scarf on you. Any electrifying or bright pieces of cloth on you will add extra life to your whole look and surroundings.


The balminess of autumn brings the unwanted dryness and dullness to your hair and skin. You gradually observe that now the summer glow is fading away and making you look older within no time. But that is nothing to worry about. You can recover the freshness of your hair with basic yet essential tips. Many of us are not even aware of the seasonally appropriate habits to adopt during the year and hence have to pay the amount. Autumn season can turn out to be less aggravating if we include warm and deep nourishing of our hair on a daily basis. Try to add avocado hair oiling and dedicate yourself to moisturizing. Trust me, it can do wonders. Warm water, herbal tea, and dry fruits are something that you must fill your belly with in order to give your hair proper care. Your shiny and healthy hair can mitigate the gloominess of this dry season.




I am sure nothing would say old-school Hollywood glamour as bold nail colors. Romantics would love to experiment with tones of red to highlight their manicure and pedicure this fall. Any vibrant and dynamic paint would elevate your outfit details and will make you fall into a city-chic style category. Or even earthy hues will make you look unique. These subtle changes to your usual style will help you experience pleasant and colorful autumn and you can enjoy this vibe to the fullest.

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