This year marked Negative Apparel’s first anniversary and we were overwhelmed by the tremendous amount of appreciation that our products and team received throughout the year.

The overload of joy and excitement made us share this happiness with someone special. This thought led us to an orphanage that is located in D-12, Islamabad. Known as “Hamara Ghar Centre”. Proud to say, Negative Apparel managed to put smiles on the faces of all children. We decided to spend our entire day with those kids. What can be a better celebration than this, right?



Welcoming faces, broad smiles, and innocent minds were all around us as we reached there. We did not follow any specific plan of activities, instead ended up following the kids’ plan. Our team wanted to make this day as fun as they can for the kids. So, we started by having an interactive session with the management and the children. Building a comfort zone was our priority and for that matter, the fun-loving and enjoyable conversations helped us at the start. Even today, stories like “pyaasa kawwa” “ittefaaq mai barkat” etc. intrigued children as much as it enthralled us a few years back. The story-telling session ended with the call for lunch.

Who doesn’t love pulao? It is loved by every age group and that is why we decided to take chicken pulao for children. The kids ate to their fullest and were energetic enough to play games, pose for snaps and have fun.   



 All eyes suddenly shifted to the table where the cake and donuts were placed. Chocolates and sweets are considered as children’s weakness and they couldn’t resist so we decided to do cake cutting ceremony before proceeding further with any other fun activities. The team, along with all the children cut the cake but the guest of honor was the birthday girl, Ayesha, who turned eleven this year. While girls were making roar for their friend, Ayesha was blushing all this time.



Prezzies wrapped in small and eye-catching packages fascinates all children. As a token of love and gratitude, negative apparel took surprise gifts that had clothes, accessories, etc. for all the kids. We wanted these presents to be extra special and useful for them and they made it happen. Every child was eager to grab her gift from our team members.



The pictures pretty much portray how much fun we all were having with these children. We can happily say that they were also on cloud nine to have us around and get so much of love, attention, and of course, the gifts!!!



All good things come to an end; so did this day but the giggles and smiles that were echoing all around us seemed so genuine that we couldn’t resist and decided to spend some more time with these loving kids. This was just the start of something more fun as we ended up playing loads of games with them. Games like “Ankh Macholi”, “Baraf Pani”, “Kho Kho”, etc. sent a nostalgic wave around us and made us revisit our childhood memories with these loving souls.

For the last one year, the whole team of negative apparel has been putting in their blood and sweat in order to deliver the best of the best products at your doorstep. The strenuous effort, struggle, and collective hard work are what helped us grow insanely over the year but more importantly, what made us who we are today and what made our infant dream come true, was YOU!!! Our loyal customers. We have been eternally grateful for you guys because you helped negative apparel gain such a distinct-able position. Our customers work as a catalyst that encouraged us to work even more hard for them. This is a special thanks for the team and our customers, who we feel are a part of our team.  

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You doing a great work

December 17, 2019 at 19:27pm

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