Grab The Best Summer Deals From Negative Apparel’s Sale

Grab The Best Summer Deals From Negative Apparel’s Sale - Negative Apparel

We are back with a bang! And it's a crazy sale going here with a drop on the price of clothing items, including tops, blouses, dresses, accessories, shoes, lingerie and all the closet essentials. So hurry up ladies and grab the best summer deals from our clearance fashion sale. 

Sale tips and tricks

Before we shortlist some of our top sellers from the sale, let’s go through a few tips and tricks to buy the best deals online. 

  • Always keep an eye on the annual sale or season end for any brand you wish to shop from.

In this case, Negative Apparel launches its season-end summer clothes sale at this time of the year, meanwhile also adding new articles to the collection. This ensures that our customers receive the trendiest and newest clothes styles from our collection every time. 

  • Purchase your favourite article only during the sale

This fact also applies to our collection of formal and day dresses which are slightly expensive for obvious reasons. Hence, the dress you had kept your eyes on for so long is now available to be in your closet from our ladies' clothes sale happening right now. 

  • Shop for the next season

We don't mean that you purchase your entire stash for the next season from the sale. But a few picks or you can say summer essentials could be your best buy for sure. A pair of jeans last longer; hence buying low-waist denim or culottes pants from the online shopping sale is a wise decision. 

Did you forget something? Well, you're just in time to shop some amazing summer must-haves from our online sale happening right now.

So here's a quick guide of what you can buy from our website and have it at your doorstep in no time.

Flash Delivery is available!

Now you won’t have to wait for another couple of weeks for your consignment to arrive. Negative Apparel has now launched its app, which allows you to enjoy a discount of up to 20% with the facility of flash delivery. No other best deals online beat this one for sure. 

Statement Accessories


Jewellery is perhaps one of those few items that a girl falls in love with right from her childhood. And we understand this love grows with every passing year. You can now have a wonderful stash of some gorgeous and trendy jewellery from our fashion sale. Ranging from drop earrings, rhinestone studs, hoop earrings, chunky necklaces, leather huge belts, beautiful sets of rings, metallic belts, sunglasses, bracelets and the list goes on. It's time to refresh your collection of accessories with the trendiest collection available exclusively on Negative Apparel. 

Let your shoes do the talking

Shoes are a vital part of dressing up. You simply cannot just wear any kind of shoes with your outfit and the kind of occasion you're attending. The kind of shoes that you wear say a lot about your personality; whether you are a trend follower, a trendsetter, love the old classics, or just prefer a relaxed fit. 

At Negative Apparel’s shoe sale online, you will find the comfiest yet trendiest pair of shoes that are perfect for formal events. You can now achieve finesse with one of our heel mules, sandals, high-heeled pumps, and many other stylish and sleek pair of women shoes on sale. 

If you’re planning to travel, then our strappy sling-back sandals are ideal for the chic attire that will go about with any style of dress. And if you’ve got a party or a wedding to attend, then our heels shoes sale is to the rescue. 

Intimate wear

To look the best version of yourself, you not only require self-confidence but a good set of clothes or dress that you'd rock. And by a good set of clothes, we also mean the layer underneath your actual dress! Lingerie! The quality and type of lingerie that you wear under your clothes can either make or break your look. Now is a good time to grab our imported and high-quality undergarments from our online shopping sale. Do you need the perfect undergarment to wear under your casual tee, or a push-up to wear under your party wear dress for the perfect fit? Worry no more, as Negative Apparel has plenty of these essentials just for you in this online sale. 

The perfect dress

Finding the perfect dress for an upcoming event is a huge and tricky task. However, we have made it easier for you to choose one from our summer clothes sale. You can get your hands on the cami-tops, long dresses, body-hugging dresses, crop tops, matching separates, floral, and many more. 

The range of dresses, tops, pants, trousers and suits is just endless. So instead of asking around for a friend or a cousin living abroad to ship your branded clothes for you, you can blindly trust us. No more waiting for weeks, no more hidden charges or extra customs duty.

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