Get Your Jeans Game on With Negative Apparel’s Latest Summer Drop

Get Your Jeans Game on With Negative Apparel’s Latest Summer Drop - Negative Apparel

Every woman owns a staple pair of jeans in her closet that she never gets tired of wearing. However, there comes a time when that pair of jeans for women starts to wear off. But if you happen to buy high-quality denim jeans for women from a renowned brand then they can last for probably a couple or more years. Finding the right pair of jeans can be a little tricky. It is because every woman has a unique body structure and only some styles suit their body shape. You can find various styles in the market that include skinny jeans, wide-leg jeans women, straight pants, cargo pants for women, low-rise or high-jeans, cropped skinny jeans, ripped jeans, stone washed denim, and the list continues. 

At the same time, looking for a promising brand Is very essential as no one likes to compromise on quality and price. This is where negative apparel has made its name in the market based on its effective and competitive prices and premium quality jeans for women. 

Wearing a good pair of jeans can make you look like a million bucks. At negative apparel, we have put together a brief guideline that will help the ladies to find the perfect blue jeans women according to their body structure. So are you ready to choose the perfect pair of jeans with us?

High waist jeans for petite body structure

If you happen to be a tall woman, the first thing you should look for in any jeans for tall women is the length of the jeans.  The two things that you should focus on are the 'high waist’ and 'form fitting’. In return, this will add more length to your stature giving you a tall and lean look that will complement your overall petite silhouette.

However, you can still manage to create an illusion of having longer legs by wearing high-rise jeans for women that are cropped slightly above the ankle. Add in some heels to add some more length to your look. For days when you don’t feel like wearing heels, simply tuck in your t-shirt for a cropped tee look. So now, shop away some sassy pairs of stylish jeans for women from Negative Apparel.  

Wide-legged pants for tall girls

Tall women have a fair share in the hardship of finding just the right kind of jeans for their length.  There are two things that you must look out for when buying one, the waistline height and the length of the legs. 

Wide leg jeans women or flared pants are your best bet in this scenario. The wide bottom cut will compensate for your body structure, creating an hourglass silhouette. We'd recommend you buy one in black colour instead of blue jeans women from Negative Apparel. This shade will allow you to dress or down for either office or just any regular day. It's must-have pair of jeans for women in your wardrobe this summer season. 

Straight-cut jeans for tomboys

If curves are not the strong feature of your body, don’t worry, we have got you covered with straight cut jeans to make you look perfect. 

You can add some shape to your body structure while still maintaining your comfort by wearing straight cut jeans. The mid-rise of women’s straight leg jeans will adjust itself according to your waistline, meanwhile defining your shape and elevating your look. To achieve an even more flattering look, simply roll up your jeans a couple of inches to create that wide-legged effect. 

You can choose from plenty of straight cut jeans at Negative Apparel by simply selecting your relevant size. To create a more voluptuous effect, you can look for straight fit jeans women that have a high waist. 

Skinnies for round hips

A triangular body type means that you have a slimmer upper body with a lower body relatively wider. Moreover, if your hips are wider than your shoulder, then skinny denim jeans for women are your best pick. Women with this kind of body structure can easily conceal or enhance their curves. 

Women who want to hide their wide-body figure can opt for mid-rise jeans with a straight cut. This type of stylish jeans for women will conceal the volume in your hips visually meanwhile taking away unwanted attention from this body part. On the other hand, if you want to accentuate this body part, you can easily wear a skinny jean that comes in the category of high rise jeans for women at Negative Apparel. 

By now we are sure you must have picked out at least one style that will fit you perfectly every time. As you can see, all body shapes can work with jeans. If you have any doubts, you can easily get in touch with our styling team online on the website chat box, to help you find a flattering pair of jeans to wear with your western outfits for women.

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