The 12 Best Lingerie and Underwear Brands in 2024

The 12 Best Lingerie and Underwear Brands in 2024 - Negative Apparel

Calling all fashion enthusiasts and laid-back shoppers. Get ready to embark on a journey into the world of undies and lace in 2024, where style effortlessly merges with comfort and sustainable vibes. 

Brace yourselves for our handpicked selection of The 12 best lingerie and underwear brands in 2024. These trendsetters are all about making heads turn with their stunning, inclusive pieces. Stay tuned as we help you discover your perfect fit and unleash your inner confidence.

Best Lingerie and Underwear Brands

Embark on a journey to transform your lingerie collection with these twelve outstanding brands leading the pack in the current year.

Lounge Underwear

At Lounge Underwear, their exquisite collection is meticulously crafted from premium fabrics, honoring and celebrating the diverse splendor of the female form. Choosing Lounge Underwear isn't just about adorning yourself with fashionable pieces, it's an affirmation of self-assurance and relaxation. 

Their inclusive range caters to every body type, reflecting the belief that every woman deserves to revel in pride and comfort within her own skin. Their extensive selection of skin-toned hues ensures you discover the ideal match for your unique beauty. They obsess over the finer details that yield a significant impact, setting us apart as a distinctive presence in the realm of lingerie brands.

Stripe & Stare

Looking for underwear that makes you feel good and does good? Stripe & Stare has got your backside. Their undies are made from this super-soft material called modal.

It's like hugging a cloud and it's all eco-friendly. They make this stuff from beech trees which don't mind being made into underwear.

They're taking the lead in showing us that green can totally be glam without skimping on the coziness. And they're not just about saving the planet one pair of undies at a time, they're also all about the love for the people making them. 

Boux Avenue

Step into Boux Avenue and you'll find a treasure trove of cute, comfy, and totally affordable lingerie and loungewear. Whether it’s the trendiest pieces or those classic, wear-forever staples, Boux Avenue is your go-to for feeling like a million bucks without actually spending a fortune. 

They're all about rocking the latest looks without letting go of those elegant touches that always keep things classy. Their designers are like fashion wizards, whipping up everything from date-night stunners to cozy Sunday essentials. Trust me, Boux Avenue is where your wardrobe wins, no matter what you're up to. 


Bluebella is leading the way in innovative lingerie design. They embrace modern and edgy styles that redefine intimate wear. Their progressive approach to design sets them apart in the fashion industry. 

They consistently deliver aesthetically striking pieces that challenge traditional norms. Bluebella caters to a modern audience that values both style and functionality. Their lingerie is empowering, inclusive, and always on-trend.

Bluebella's commitment to pushing boundaries extends beyond their products. They take a strong stance on inclusivity and body positivity. Their marketing campaigns feature diverse models of all shapes and sizes. This has earned them praise from customers who appreciate seeing themselves represented in the fashion industry.

They has a fresh vibe that is revolutionizing the lingerie scene. They prioritize both style and comfort, breaking the outdated rules of traditional intimates. 

Victoria's Secret

In the world of fashion and style, Victoria's Secret has become a powerful name, taking the idea of simple undergarments to a whole new level. This company is known for turning lingerie into a coveted item, filled with glitz and appeal that captures attention far and wide. 

The brand's approach has made lingerie something people yearn for, capturing the interest of both women and men. Victoria's Secret knows how to stir up a want for their products that's not just about their use but also about the allure they carry.

Savage X Fenty

Rihanna's Savage X Fenty is totally shaking up the lingerie game. It's super cool how they cheer on folks to embrace their unique selves, showing off models that are all kinds of different, which is pretty rare.

Whether you're petite, plus-size, or anywhere in-between, they've got something that'll make you feel like a million bucks. It's not just talk, their team is as varied as their undie sizes, making sure they hear all kinds of ideas and that no one's left out.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is well-known for making underwear and lingerie that feel great to wear and look stylish and simple. This brand is loved for using top-notch materials that focus on a great fit and practicality. 

The ads for Calvin Klein are straight to the point yet have a touch of allure, helping to set trends in the fashion world. Their items, from the cozy cotton underwear to lace bralettes, are all about subtle elegance and making anyone wearing them feel confident. 


ThirdLove is changing the game in the world of lingerie with a focus on being open to all. They offer a wide range of sizes, including unique half-sizes, so every woman can find a perfect fit. 

What sets them apart is their Fit Finder tool that uses data from millions of women to suggest the best bra size and style, making shopping easy and personal. They're dedicated to quality, too, designing underwear from soft fabrics that move with your body.

Adore Me

Adore Me totally gets it. They're all about bringing that "feel-good" vibe to lingerie, no matter what your size or shape. Think comfy meets cute, that's their jam. 

They've got everything from those ooh-la-la lacy numbers for when you're feeling fancy, to those trusty go-to pieces for the everyday hustle. Plus, they don't make your wallet cry, and that's real talk. It's like they're not just selling undies, they're making a statement: be you, love you, all ways.


Kim Kardashian's Skims line is seriously changing the game in comfy, cool lingerie that everyone can rock. They've got everything from those gotta-have bodysuits that kind of sculpt you, to undies you won't even know you're wearing. 

Plus, they're all about celebrating all body types. So you can find your perfect match in a bunch of shades and sizes. It's like Skims gets that we just want to look bomb without trying too hard.

Hanky Panky

In the world of intimate apparel, Hanky Panky is a standout name, cherished for cozy yet chic lingerie. Their famous lace thong is a hit, winning hearts with its exceptional comfort and style. 

Hanky Panky isn't just about looking good, they care deeply about quality and ethical production. Each item is made with attention to detail and materials that are kind to the planet, catering to those who are mindful of their environmental impact.

AllureAvenue Accents

AllureAvenue Accents brings a touch of luxury to day-to-day with its 'Everyday Indulgence' line. Fans of the brand appreciate the balance between lavishness and practicality, creating pieces that feel special yet suitable for daily wear.

As we celebrate our bodies' uniqueness in 2024, these standout brands are redefining excellence in lingerie and underwear. They're not only about superior materials but also pioneers in design innovation. 


When it's time for new intimates, consider these twelve brands that shape the future of lingerie with their commitment to aesthetics, eco-friendliness, and inclusion. Say hello to confident and luxe lingerie that feels just as good as it looks. 

The new year is your chance to embrace who you are, starting with the most personal layers of your style. Refresh your wardrobe with these top selections and enjoy a newfound sense of poise and elegance. Here's to a year of beauty, empowerment, and remarkable lingerie! Happy shopping!